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Gaza needs our help

The people of Gaza are dealing with continuous nights filled with airstrikes, due to the ongoing conflict. This is a time for everyone who can help to support and aid Gazan families in need; they’ve been through so much already.

International aid agencies have been providing vital humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians living in Gaza. The blockade of Gaza has prevented people from leaving or entering easily, causing chaos on a daily basis. They are also unable to receive some medical supplies and medicines that they need for survival because the border is often closed by Israeli forces due to military action. We’re traveling with Medical Aid Palestine International (MAP) as we provide urgent care at Al-Nasser Hospital which was recently bombed during an airstrike earlier this month, killing three nurses including one MAP nurse who had just returned home after taking maternity leave last year so she could raise her daughter Amal safely outside of war zones like Syria where there’s constant fighting between Islamic State militants and Syrian government troops.

Palestine is the region of modern day Israel, Jordan and West Bank. Thousands are living in poverty due to its lack of resources and inadequate economic infrastructure which makes them susceptible to food insecurity and other challenges that deprive a person’s well-being. The need for donations has never been greater than it is today – donate now so your donation can make all the difference!

Donate to Gaza Appeal

You can donate to our Gaza relief fund and help support us in getting food to those who need it most. Your donations will also provide key items such as medicine, disposables, medical kits and food for all. We do not know when this crisis may end but we are committed to helping every day until the fighting has ceased so that people have a chance of living normal lives again

You might think donating money is pointless because there’s no telling how long the current crisis with Gaza will last – I’m sure you’re right! But if your goal is just giving back or supporting someone else through difficult times then please consider making a donation on behalf of Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF).

How you can help Gaza

We will provide lifesaving care in areas where the health system is struggling to cope. The conflict has not ceased and our teams are on the ground ready for Gaza’s needs.

Gaza’s health system is in desperate need for more staff and supplies because of the lack thereof. You can help by donating to our Gaza charity appeal, which will go towards helping these people get what they so desperately need!

Help save lives in Gaza! There are hundreds of thousands who don’t have water, electricity, food or even a home. Around half the people living there need vital aid to survive and we’re working with partners on the ground so they can get what is needed most urgently – donate today towards our Gaza relief fund.

We’ve always helped vulnerable people across the region. Our focus is now on priority health needs; such as providing medical supplies and equipment for patients and staff in need, including medicines, disposable items, medical kits & food.

At the International Rescue Committee, we are prepared for any number of outcomes in Syria and all that may result. When people become displaced from their homes by conflict or natural disasters, we’re there to provide food, hygiene kits and other essential non-food items until they can return safely home.

We have been heavily involved with the reconstruction of Palestine Avenir Centre, working to help children living with cerebral palsy. Now we are providing support for local health care systems in the region.

Our rapid response team is always ready to help when you need us most, whether we’re responding to a medical emergency or an earthquake.

We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient work in the face of any type of natural disaster. The same goes for emergencies like hospital fires; if it happens then all hands are on deck!