Where in the World is Salvation History?

Where in the World is Salvation History?

As summer rolls on and I drown in lesson planning, all while making a recovery from my 2000-word beast of a post from last week (The Catholic Fight for Freedom: Lord of the Rings Version), I decided to share with you some of the maps I’ve been working on for my students. The full version of each map (click the link below each map) contains a color-coded legend and the layers and pins can be toggled on and off.

If you have any points to add to any maps, or improvements for greater accuracy (I’m not an archaeologist, please include GPS coordinates), let me know in the combox and I’ll be happy to add them as soon as possible for the benefit of all those catechists out there.

In the future, I will be improving these maps as well as working on maps for the Gospels, the Martyrdom of the 12 Apostles, and the Missions of St. Paul.

I hope you find these … awesome.

Old Testament Overview

View Larger Map

Noahic Covenant

Includes the primary nations of the Table of Nations

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Abrahamic Covenant

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Mosaic Covenant & Conquest of Canaan

View Larger Map

Davidic Covenant

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The Divided Kingdom

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Israel Conquered

Due to the complexity of this map, the boundaries of the indicated empires are not precise, and some medium sized bodies of water are included as territory, while some medium sized islands are excluded.

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  1. Praise God! This post is an answered prayer.

    I’m going into my first year teaching as a middle school math teacher in a Catholic school. I was offered a full-time position by additionally teaching religion. A dream come true for me! :) But with 7 different preps (5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math, algebra I, and 5/6 and 7/8 religion) I’ve been up to my neck in lesson planning as well.

    My math lesson planning has gone great but since I just found out last week that I’ll be teaching Old Testament and Church History/Social Teachings I haven’t done any planning yet. Thanks for getting me going with a great picture of what may be coming my students way! (Also thanks for the post tipping me off on John Bergsma new book “Bible Basics for Catholics.” It has been an enjoyable read for me and I can see it bearing great fruit in my classroom.)

    Keep up the great work and witness! Prayers for you and all Catholic teachers.

    • Funny, I teach Scripture now and previously taught Church History/Social Doctrine.

      I intend to make a set of maps for Church history as well. I used to have some, but they were erased.

  2. Thanks for sharing these, it looks to have been time consuming.

    On a side-note, did you mean Jerusalem, Capital of Judah in the final map (Israel Conquered)? At present, both Samaria and Jerusalem are listed as Capitals of Israel in the pop-ups.

    • Thanks for pointing out the typo, Daniel. I’ve changed it accordingly!

  3. These maps are indeed awesome. I can only imagine how much time you put into them.

    At present, I’m not a teacher, but I am very much a visual learner. The maps, e.g. in the back of the Jerusalem Bible are helpful to me, but these maps… Oh yeah!

    Keep up the great work. And Thank You!!

  4. Shalom from Jerusalem. I came here via Catholicgauze’s blog and glad I did. This is a great work you have done, and it makes learning fun.


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