We all have needs

We all have needs

One day last week, I found myself helplessly stuck in a conversation during a long trip on an even longer highway with a person I very quickly wished was making the trip in a different vehicle, or not at all.  Useless details aside, it came up that I was Catholic and she was Jewish.  Of course this was not religiously Jewish, but culturally Jewish as she’s never been to temple, believes in Karma, and supports the Palestinians “right” to their own country.

At one point in the trip, she asked for my opinion regarding the celibacy of priests.  I told her I believed it was a wonderful thing that priests devote their entire lives to serving Christ’s Church, and make a beautiful sacrifice by being celibate.  She quickly piped in, “But priests have needs too,” completely missing my comment about sacrifice and going straight on to the nonsensical idea that sex is a “need” in which all living creatures must indulge.

Michele Rocca - The Fall of Man

One seriously scary and very dangerous line of thought in our current time is that sex is a need, and that this need must be quenched in any way we desire.  Society no longer believes in any sexual disorders, and actually works to prevent those who suffer from sexual disorder from receiving psychological counseling and treatment.  Such a mindset has permeated so not only is same-sex relations generally accepted, but there was little outrage over the fact that Amazon allowed a pedophile manual called “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure,” and that President Obama’s “safe schools czar” openly promoted same-sex relations of/with minors.  I blame the prevalence of pornography for the desensitization. Why?  Because once sacred marital embrace has profane and perverted imitations once banished to dark, rural, shady-looking stores of ill repute and is now widely available to every creature in America. Like it or not, it seeks corruption of our minds and souls.  Habits are built and consciences become malformed.

The devil is a sneaky one, turns sinful decadence into “needs” and “rights” and causes us to ignore our true needs and rights.  Our NEEDS are food, water, shelter.  Our rights are life, religious freedom, free speech, the right to gainful employment, the right to access to our needs.  This idea that indulging in all our sexual desires is a right and a need has been the downfall of our society.  The pursuit of sex without consequence has caused the murder of over 50 million unborn children, breakdown of the family, rise of same-sex activism which has abridged the free exercise of religion, and has been used to so divide the American people that providing for basic needs has fallen by the wayside as more and more families rely on food-stamps, welfare, Medicaid, and other entitlements in order to make ends meet.  Sounds like a bit of a stretch, right?  Not quite.

Some of the biggest campaign contests this year were fought over issues surrounding sex (abortion, same-sex relationships).  The politicians have little or no control over these issues as things currently stand, yet they always bring up these issues in order to divide us and cause us to fight over sex instead of what really matters, like the economy, how to put food on the table, and how awesome it is that Disney rescued the future of the Star Wars universe from the inept hands of George Lucas.

The fact is, nobody has ever died from lack of sex.  Despite his Josephite marriage, Mohandas Ghandi didn’t die from lack of sex.  Neither has any celibate person including priests, monk, or nun, nor heterosexual or homosexual, dog, goldfish, or any other living being.  The fact is, the devil lies to us, tells us we all must satisfy our “need” for sex, and pulls us away from what we really need, which is God who fulfills all our needs.

And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather, be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in Gehenna.  Are not two sparrows sold for a small coin?  Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father’s knowledge.  Even all the hairs of your head are counted.  So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. 

~Matthew 10:28-31

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  1. What I find funny is since most men who are going to consider the priesthood are good catholics, if those men were to get married, their sex life would still be limited in the eyes of the world (people like the woman above). Catholic couples often practice NFP which requires AT LEAST a week of abstinence. Even if the couples weren’t to practice NFP, they’d have a whole brood and be so pooped to “get your groove on.”

    OR if the devout catholic man would remain single, he would have to remain celebate. There are a lot of good catholic singles who will never find a spouse and therefore, will remain celebate. Being Catholic requires self-sacrifice, there’s no way around it.