Truth & Charity 3.0

Dear readers,

If you were trying to view any of our articles yesterday, you surely discovered that the site was being VERY glitchy. I apologize. It’s one of the necessary side-effects of a web design upgrade.

Truth & Charity began as the collaborative work of 5 guys in the mission diocese of Shreveport, Louisiana, who wanted to put their expertise to good use for the local Church and for anyone else out there who was paying attention. Around the time of our coverage of the Obama Administration’s HHS Contraception Mandate – which was largely responsible for introducing our blog to a larger Catholic audience – we decided to change the site to make it more professional. Since that time, we’ve grown to include not just the blog itself, but 2 Facebook groups (the Truth & Charity page and the Stand with the US Bishops page) with over 6000 members in total (though I’m sure some of that is overlap), a mainstream Catholic presence online, and basically more than we could ever have dreamed. As we began to approach 500,000 hits and our 1-year anniversary (just a couple months off!), we decided an upgrade was needed. It’s been in the works for a number of weeks.

Along with the upgrade comes a more defined sense of purpose. Having been thrust into the midst of a political battle no man wishes to see, we’ve recognized the intense need for authentic witness to the Christian life. It is our desire, if God will bless our undertaking, to make Truth & Charity a model for the intersection of faith and life, infusing our lives on all levels, our individual spiritualities, our family unity, and our national culture, with the faith of the Church and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We’ve been honored to serve you these last several months. We hope it will be the beginning of many more.

On behalf of all of us here at T&C,

Micah Murphy