There’s no pope like the present

There’s no pope like the present

Just a quick thought for your Friday afternoon leap into the weekend.

I remember when Pope John Paul II died.  I was attending Benedictine College, a small Catholic school in Kansas, an hour north of Kansas City.  The topic of who would be pope next was the center point of many discussions, both in class and out of class.  At the time, I was genuinely fearful that a liberal pope would be elected.  The process of electing a pope was foreign to me, and many adults, many religious, who had witnessed the election of a pope opined to no end about their hopes and dreams.

Then Cardinal Ratzinger was elected.

Everything I received before the election was wrong.  Every talking head missed the mark.

Those known for their public dissent against Catholic teaching wailed and gnashed their teeth.  Obedient Catholics were shocked with pleasant surprise.  Nobody saw it coming.

Two weekends ago, I visited a parish in rural Louisiana.  During the homily, the priest stated that the pope will not be a liberal or conservative pope, but a Catholic pope.  He is correct.

The Holy Spirit has his own plans and knows the necessary path for the Church.  Whomever is chosen is the man the Holy Spirit knows is best for the Church at this point in time.  There’s no use fretting.  We are fallen human beings with limited understanding of creation.  The Holy Spirit is God and knows exactly what we need.

Be happy.  Be at peace.  Be not afraid.