Gossiping Girls

Jun 12 Gossiping Girls

When I hang out with my girlfriends, a lot of the conversation involves sharing information. We share about ourselves, our families and mutual friends. It turns into “gossip”, however, when we speak purely with the intention (whether we’re conscious of it or not) of cutting  down the people we’re speaking of. I gossip the most when I’m feeling the worst about...

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Not Aspergers, Just A Sinner

Feb 22 Not Aspergers, Just A Sinner

Sunday night, as I drove to CVS to buy another Pillow Pet for MaryOur fiery 21 month old, I drove a little slower to catch a story on This American Life with Ira Glass.  Act Two: Wife Lessons, told a story about a wife (and special-ed teacher) who after many years began to notice that her husband exhibited many of the same behaviors which many of her students with Asperger’s exhibited. ...

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7 Things Spam Taught Me about Temptation

No, not the lunchmeat. Temptation is supposed to be something desirable. Here at T&C, we’ve been keeping a close eye on our spam filters to keep you from having to read the kind of garbage we do. I’ve noticed, though, that spam has one major thing in common with the Devil’s time-honored tactics: Marketing. Both tell us things we want to hear or appeal to our desires. Here...

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