The Epic Tale of Prideful Suffering

Apr 04 The Epic Tale of Prideful Suffering

In explaining Christ’s death on the cross to my students, I explain to them that sacrifice is a sign of interior devotion.  Whether a parent forgoes breakfast so that their child can eat or the martyr gives up his life for love of Christ, devotion and love for another person are at the root of a great deal of sacrifice and suffering.  This suffering makes its way into our spiritual life...

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Down in the Mouth: A Note on Prayer and Suffering

Feb 24 Down in the Mouth: A Note on Prayer and Suffering

My wife and I have two children, four months apart (go figure), both under the age of two.  Currently they’re both in day care which means they’re both constantly exposed to all the germs passed by a dozen or so other kids.  Since October, our family has endured three cases of food poisoning, eight ear infections, two cases of bronchitis, three cases of pneumonia and currently...

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The Valley of Tears

Out of the deep have I called unto thee O Lord; Lord, hear my voice! O let thine ears consider well The voice of my complaint. -Psalm 130:1-2 Given all the drama within the Catholic universe lately, as well as the perilous state of national and worldwide affairs, I found myself half-joking with a friend that we’re no longer certain that the End Times are not at hand.  Then again, a...

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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Perhaps the greatest stumbling block for Christians and non-Christians alike is the issue of suffering.  If God is a good God, how is it that bad things happen at all, much less, to good people?  While it is essential that a person understands that God does not create or commit evil, it still exists as a natural consequence (or possibility) of our free will.  The question at hand is asked in...

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