St. Anthony’s Tongue or “Things to Know about Relics”

Mar 06 St. Anthony’s Tongue or “Things to Know about Relics”

Recently, my family and I had a unique opportunity: to view and venerate relics of St. Anthony.  Yes, THE St. Anthony.  The one who helps us all find everything from our lost keys to lost sanity to parking spaces at the mall.  You know, Tony.  It was thrilling and simultaneously oddly calming to be so close to a part of someone with whom I’ve felt so close for all of my life and yet who...

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Living Catholicism in the Moment

Jun 12 Living Catholicism in the Moment

We moderns are very accustomed to the present. There is no reason Christians can’t share in this (see Matthew 6:25-34), so long as it’s rooted in the right sort of spirituality…

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Who do you want to be?

Last week I asked the question, “Who are you”, and encouraged readers to take stock of how the things done in public and private shape one’s character. After 5 days of prayer and examination, many people either feel guilt or shame for all the faults which have been revealed, while others have felt this guilt through fighting, and repeatedly failing to resist habitual sin, mortal...

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Humility is fun!

Feb 14 Humility is fun!

On Saturday my kung fu school participated in its third Mardi Gras parade for the Krewe of Centaur. Learning from last year, I volunteered to be the lion rather than the dragon since the dragon folk didn’t seem to get too many breaks. In a three hour parade walking six miles, breaks are vital! The best part of being the lion is having fun with the kids, embarrassing the teenagers, and...

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Who ARE you?

by Matt Sciba What do you do when nobody is looking?  Do you throw trash on the ground instead of a bin?  Do you sing loudly into your hairbrush microphone?  When was the last time you sang a little louder than normal in a public place, but you thought nobody was listening?  Did you shrink away when you realized you had an audience? We have this thing called concupiscence which is our natural...

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