St. Thérèse, Jane Austen, and Raising Saints

Apr 24 St. Thérèse, Jane Austen, and Raising Saints

I have been thinking a lot lately about raising a holy family and what it takes to do so, especially when there are so many negative influences in our society. I want to keep my little girls safe in their Catholic world forever, though I know that I cannot. I want to preserve the innocence of their minds and hearts, so that they do not know about great evils committed by others. I don’t want...

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When Catholicism is in Your Bones

Apr 10 When Catholicism is in Your Bones

Since we moved to Minnesota, my family and I have been meeting a lot of converts, many of them my husband’s colleague at the Catholic university where he is a professor. It seems that more of them than not are converts. The other day a distinguished colleague asked my husband, “You are a cradle Catholic, aren’t you?” After my husband assured him that he was, his friend said decidedly,...

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Picking a Saint

Dec 13 Picking a Saint

My current RCIA sponsee (I’m the sponsor; ergo, he is the sponsee) asked about choosing a patron saint, since most candidates/catechumens do so before entering the Church. So, at the risk of making public his request, here are a few thoughts: Names: I’m lucky enough to have the same name as two saints, Timothy and Michael the Archangel. If you’re like Milhouse van Houten,...

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Apr 17 SBFFs

I have an interesting relationship with several saints.  I talk to them, often out loud, in the same terms and tone I use with my siblings and close friends.  (Go read about it on my blog if you don’t believe me.)  I see no distinction, in fact, between them.  These saints, are, in essence, my SBFFs: Saint Best Friends Forever.  And I’m hoping that I pass this odd little quirk of...

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St. Anthony’s Tongue or “Things to Know about Relics”

Mar 06 St. Anthony’s Tongue or “Things to Know about Relics”

Recently, my family and I had a unique opportunity: to view and venerate relics of St. Anthony.  Yes, THE St. Anthony.  The one who helps us all find everything from our lost keys to lost sanity to parking spaces at the mall.  You know, Tony.  It was thrilling and simultaneously oddly calming to be so close to a part of someone with whom I’ve felt so close for all of my life and yet who...

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