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    Little pro-life victories

    Mar 28 Little pro-life victories

    About a year ago, I was prompted to write this post when I discovered a little bit of anti-child internet technology that catered to the opinion that kids are ridiculously expensive buzzkills. There is much reason for hope, though. Aside from the statistical data, there is lots of anecdotal evidence that people love kids, and that parents have a blast with them (or at least appreciate the odd...

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    Quick note: local pro-life victory

    Sep 23 Quick note: local pro-life victory

    Our Shreveport readers may be particularly interested in this, but others of a pro-life persuasion can cheer as well. I received the following email a few days ago from the local coordinator of our 40 Days for Life effort (links added by me): Abby Johnson called me last night and said that one of the workers from “Hope” [Medical Group in Shreveport, one of our two local abortion...

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    “A difficult decision”

    Jul 26 “A difficult decision”

    Thanks to summer break I’ve been catching up on outdated reading materials, including many back issues of the National Catholic Register. I’ve seen several stories therein where pro-choice advocates argue that women face “difficult decisions” in whether or not to abort their babies. Unstated in most of these arguments is why the decision is difficult. It would seem that,...

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    A Saint Among Us

    Mar 13 A Saint Among Us

    Recently, my family celebrated the fifth birthday of one of our little saints.  There was cake and soda, laughter and love and family.  We sang “Happy Birthday” for the fifth time to a little girl who passed away five days after her birth as her baby brother (who has never met her) blew out her candles.  We celebrated her short life because we know that, much as we miss her, she is...

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    Catholic institutions’ “no sex” policies need revision

    Feb 06 Catholic institutions’ “no sex” policies need revision

    In case you didn’t know, many Catholic institutions (generally schools) have what is commonly referred to as “no sex” policies for students and unmarried teachers.  The spirit of the policy is to discourage premarital sex by unmarried people, wherein if it is proven that a person engaged in sexual activity, the person or persons caught are often expelled or fired.  While this...

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