Arrogance or Authority?

Feb 07 Arrogance or Authority?

If pride is strong enough to bring down a third of the angels, what chance do we lowly mortals have against it? Every Christian knows that pride sits at the head of the deadly sins, the fount from which almost all other sins flow. I suppose you could nitpick and say that pride and arrogance are not the same thing, but they’re close enough for government work. When presenting an argument (or...

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Red Light, Green Light – Discernment and the Urge to Get Ahead

May 24 Red Light, Green Light – Discernment and the Urge to Get Ahead

What if we paid attention to the traffic signals God gives us?

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The 5 Rules of Fame

Mar 28 The 5 Rules of Fame

Wherein your webmaster makes a couple confessions…

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The Christ Child Didn’t Read Comic Books

by Micah Murphy Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you that when I was a child, I wanted to grow up to be Superman. Who didn’t? Throughout my younger years, I wanted to be a number of things. I dreamed of one day becoming an architect, a lawyer, a teacher, a physicist, an astronomer, but I just kept coming back to Superman. He could fly! Stop looking at me like that. I remember praying...

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Taming the Beast Within

by Micah Murphy My family and I went yesterday to the cinematic re-release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. As I remembered back to the first time I saw it in a now defunct theater in Omaha, Nebraska, I recalled that my father and I had conveniently missed most of the opening on account of our dire need for concessions. This time, I saw the ornate stained-glass motif and couldn’t...

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