The humility of the Emeritus Pope

Mar 01 The humility of the Emeritus Pope

It’s Day One of Interregnum, and you may have noticed that the Church hasn’t fallen apart yet. As it happens, my weekly scheduled adoration hour is on Thursdays so I was able to reflect somewhat on LBB (Life Beyond Benedict) after having seen the EWTN online coverage of his departure from the Vatican to Castel Gondalfo. Some thoughts: 1. We might not have a Pope, but You-Know-Who was...

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I Heart My German Shepherd

Feb 27 I Heart My German Shepherd

The end is near. No really, it is.  It’s tomorrow.  Of Benedict’s papacy, at least. Now, there will be many, many better written reflections on this fact written by far more talented and knowledgeable writers than I, so I won’t try to compete with them.  Go read them.  Hear what they are saying about his writing, his teaching, his general correctness in just about...

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A Papal Focus for Lent

Feb 13 A Papal Focus for Lent

I won’t lie.  Until about five minutes ago, I had no real idea as to what I was going to write for today’s post.  In my head, thoughts about Lent, Ash Wednesday, the Holy Father, and Sts. Cyril and Methodius were running a muck, each vying for the spot.  (Also running through my mind: how to get a two month old to sleep and how to simultaneously quiet down both of her sisters.)...

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Resignation of the post-media Pope

Feb 11 Resignation of the post-media Pope

Take the following comments with however many grains of salt you feel are necessary given that I’m not a theologian, philosopher, Church historian, or anything else marginally relevant to opining about the Pope’s resignation. 1. There is always some sadness when a Pope’s reign ends, at least in our modern era of having wonderful Popes. For the last couple of centuries, this...

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Hearing God in the liturgy

Jan 28 Hearing God in the liturgy

The Pope’s Jan. 27th Angelus address reminds us why Sunday rest, and the liturgy celebrated thereon, is so important: “Before we can speak of God and with God, we need to listen, and the liturgy of the Church is the ‘school’ of this listening to the Lord who speaks to us.” Most admonitions about keeping Sunday holy fall along the lines of “In our scattered and distracted...

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