Let not your heart be troubled

Jul 03 Let not your heart be troubled

In light of recent court decisions, legislative events, and various haughty celebrations which followed, a great many of my friends expressed dismay, distress, and despair, especially concerning the future of Catholics and religious freedom in America. While I have experienced great disappointment with the five tyrants on the court calling those who oppose “gay marriage” as...

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The Light of St. Lucy

Dec 13 The Light of St. Lucy

Advent is full of great feast days, including today’s feast of St. Lucy whose name literally means “light.” St. Lucy’s (283-304 A.D.) life and death were a shining light in the darkness of the secular Sicily where she lived. After her mother was healed through the intercession of St. Agatha, Lucy vowed to remain a virgin and distributed her money, including her dowry, to the poor. When...

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Fortnight for Freedom: Do we really believe?

Jul 04 Fortnight for Freedom: Do we really believe?

Probably most of our readers understand that the Obama Administration has imposed restrictions on the freedom of religion, forcing Catholic institutions to provide health insurance plans which pay for contraception and abortion drugs.  This of course is contrary to Church teaching, and after it all blows over, the Church will be the one left standing.  It always is. Compared to other...

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Movie Review: For Greater Glory

Jun 06 Movie Review: For Greater Glory

Three Catholic friends and I had the great fortune of seeing For Greater Glory on opening night.  Of course, this is no great feat considering we live in the middle of Baptist country. For those of you who are unfamiliar, For Greater Glory is based on real life events during the Cristero’s War, a rebellion against persecution of Christians by the atheistic Mexican government resulting in...

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Catholic Persecution: Nothing New

Mar 26 Catholic Persecution: Nothing New

Last night, I attended a birthday dinner for a friend.  All but one of the guests were Catholic, the one being a Calvinist.  At one point in our after-dinner conversation, he asked, “What will the Catholic Church do about the HHS Mandate?”  The flurry of replies basically boiled down to the idea that the Catholic Church would not comply and would close their institutions before...

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