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Political Football of a Moral Persuasion

Political Football of a Moral Persuasion

For the past several weeks, the mainstream media, “womens rights” advocates, and various occupy types (yes, I know they overlap) have spent every ounce of their effort trying to paint the GOP candidates, especially Rick Santorum, as being “obsessed” with social issues.  What the mainstream media fails to mention is that they are the ones who started the talk of social issues in the first place. After hearing the media berate conservatives for taking a strong stance on social issues, many of my friends have since trumpeted the medias response that getting the economy on track is more important.  While tonight I will not compare which is more important, I would like to explain the Democrats and the Obama administration have been obsessed with social issues since day one. On President Obama’s first day as President, he reversed the Mexico City Policy which prohibited the use of taxpayer dollars for overseas abortions.  Since then, President Obama forced Obamacare through which provides for domestic taxpayer funded abortions, and has removed the conscience protections from medical professionals, thus effectively forcing them to perform abortions against their will.  President Obama also has forced the American taxpayers and their religious institutions to pay for and/or provide contraception regardless of multi-millennial religious conviction.  Obama’s “Science Czar”, John Holdren, advocated nationwide sterilization though drinking water supplies and forced contraception and abortion. In addition to the abortion issue, the Obama administration pushed to allow gays in the military, refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and appointed Arne Duncan, a celebrated pedophilia propagandist, as “Safe Schools Czar”.  Currently, the Obama Administration also seeks to...
HHS Mandate: The Problem Isn’t Contraception

HHS Mandate: The Problem Isn’t Contraception

I feel like I’m alone on this. On February 10th, President Obama, with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius at his side, announced the administration’s ‘accommodation’ for religious groups objecting to the contraception mandate.  Immediately, swaths of Bishops, bloggers, politicians and radio hosts began decrying the accommodation, saying that it wasn’t enough.  Discussions arose about whether insurance companies would pass along the costs of the contraception through premiums, making Catholic groups pay for the contraception indirectly.  Arguments were made by supporters of the administration that fewer babies because of more contraception would keep insurance companies costs equal, so no costs would be passed to the insured religious organization.  On and on and on. And Obama sat back and laughed. Let’s review: On January 20th of this year, President Obama called (now) Cardinal Dolan to let him know two things.  The first was that sterilization, contraception and morning-after pills would be required ‘preventative’ coverage for insurance companies.  The second was that the religious exemption clause would be rewritten and applied to any organization that: 1) has the inculcation of religious values as its purpose. 2) primarily employs persons who share its religious tenets. 3) primarily serves persons who share its religious tenets. 4) is a nonprofit organization according to IRS standards. Of the above list, #2 is a strike against Catholic hospitals and probably a lot of Catholic schools; both of which hire largely on professional ability.  #3 is another strike against Catholic charities and many schools and hospitals, as none are likely to reject willing patrons based on their non-religious beliefs.  At the end of the day, only churches and their...

Three Points Against the Mandate You Don’t Want to Leave Home Without!

In debating the HHS contraception mandate at our affiliate Facebook page, I’ve noticed that there are many arguments floating around, some involving the financial funds used by some Catholic organizations, others involving the moral practices of the majority of those claiming to be Catholic. I’m not going to re-invent the wheel in opposition to these arguments. They’ve already been handled masterfully by other bloggers. What I would like to do here is offer the three points the government would have to prove in order to make the claim that it has the authority to mandate what it has mandated. These three points take as their foundation the first amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. The first amendment, as we know, protects the Church from government regulation. This mandate is government regulation. Obviously, any state must have some ability to regulate churches, so, for instance, we won’t end up with legal cults that practice genocide. The Nazis couldn’t call themselves a religion and then have freedom to kill the Jews in our country. On what basis could the state have such an ability to regulate religion? All true religion must comply with natural law, because religious bodies worship God, the Creator of nature. To the degree that a religion does not comply with the natural law, it is not truly a religion. All civil law is based in natural law,...

Why the White House “Accommodations” are Insufficient UPDATE: Catholic Hospitals, Schools, etc. Still Not Exempted

This story is still breaking. Scroll down for updates. News broke this morning that the White House would offer an “accommodation” (to avoid the appearance of caving to Catholics through “compromise”) to the Catholic community over their concern about the HHS Contraception Mandate. There are currently two different theories surfacing regarding this “accommodation”. Current news reports indicate unofficially that the plan will be based off the system in Hawaii, which requires Catholic organizations to inform employees of locations where they may receive contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortifacients. CatholicVote is reporting on the following on their Facebook wall: Breaking: They made it worse! Obama administration saying Church groups do not have to pay for immoral activities — insurance companies will PAY! But Church will still have to pay into these insurance plans. A phony segregation of funds. WE WILL NOT COMPLY! In either case, the “accommodation” is insufficient for the Catholic Church for the following reasons: If the Hawaii plan is used, the accommodation still requires Catholic institutions to act as conduits of contraception information, without which is it unclear whether those employees would have such information access. This is material cooperation in grave evil. If CatholicVote is correct, then insurance companies will fund these immoral activities and simply pass the costs on to employees. Same thing, different wording. The accommodation would still result in grave scandal. Would Catholic employee lounges put up posters that summarize Humanae Vitaeand then say at the bottom: “in spite of Catholic teaching, do you want access to contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients? If so, speak with our human resources department about your options!” Catholic insurance companies...

A Church for All Seasons

by Micah Murphy Whenever I tell someone I am concerned about the growing anti-Catholicism in the United States, I see two different, opposite reactions arise. The first is generally an understanding nod, coming from someone who is well aware of the history of our faith and the radical nature of our calling. The second is an immediate, incredulous shaking of the head, an insistence that I am simply being dramatic. Yet we find ourselves in the midst of dramatic times. Never in America’s recent memory have we as a Church sat on the brink of so disastrous a battle as this we now wage. Other nations have had their turns. Germany had the Lutheran Reformation, Switzerland the Calvinist. France had the so-called Enlightenment and a tumultuous bout of revolutions. England had the reigns of Henry VIII and his daughter, Elizabeth I. It was during her father’s reign that St. Thomas More lived and provided for us an example. It was he who, in the brilliant classic, A Man for All Seasons, showed before his friend, the Duke of Norfolk, the same anguished fear of persecution we now share. His friend the Duke retorted, “Man, you’re ill! This isn’t Spain, you know. This is England!” A lot of people figure that because this is America, the land of the free, the home of the brave, we will never see persecution here. These people are not students of history. Of course, I hope and pray that we do not see persecution on the order of what occurred in 16th century England. We have every reason to hope that this anti-Catholic mandate...

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