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    They incested, er, insisted there is no slippery slope.

    Sep 26 They incested, er, insisted there is no slippery slope.

    Supporters of traditional marriage occasionally suggest that, once the green light is/was given for same-sex marriage on the principle that marriage is for two consenting adults who love each other, then there is no reason why other types of relationships should be excluded or shunned. Polite, progressive society mocks these Chickens Little as posing a reductio ad absurdem that soon we will...

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    8 Ways to Build Unity in Marriage

    Jun 19 8 Ways to Build Unity in Marriage

    Summer happens to be anniversary season in our family. We just celebrated my parents’ 34th wedding anniversary last Friday and my husband’s and mine on Saturday, plus other anniversaries take place later this summer. I asked my parents about their thoughts on what helps one have a lasting marriage, and from the fruits of that discussion, I have been thinking a lot about the elements that make...

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    Terrible Day, Happy Life

    Aug 07 Terrible Day, Happy Life

    My husband and I were married nine years ago today.  It was a terrible, terrible day, with barely a good memory salvageable from sun up til sun down.  I thought about chucking it all and not showing up, but realized that was not the path to which God was calling me.  He was calling us to a marriage, not to a wedding.  If the wedding didn’t shape up perfectly, that was fine.  I...

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    Love Is Not an Accident, It’s a Decision

    Jul 03 Love Is Not an Accident, It’s a Decision

    While watching old episodes of The Office the other night on Netflix (don’t judge, on either count), I was struck by something that Ryan (you know, the weasely little man-boy in hipster glasses) said:  ”I am in love with Kelly Kapoor!  And I don’t know how I’m going to feel tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that, but I do know that right here and right now all...

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    The Voice of the Children

    Apr 03 The Voice of the Children

    If you’re anything like me, you ingest an overwhelming amount of news and current events information on a daily basis.  Long before I was born, politicians have used “for the children” as a ploy to garner support for whatever master plan legislation which is guaranteed to cure fill-in-the-blank social ills.  Recently, many politicians have taken the expression a step further...

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