Terrible Day, Happy Life

Aug 07 Terrible Day, Happy Life

My husband and I were married nine years ago today.  It was a terrible, terrible day, with barely a good memory salvageable from sun up til sun down.  I thought about chucking it all and not showing up, but realized that was not the path to which God was calling me.  He was calling us to a marriage, not to a wedding.  If the wedding didn’t shape up perfectly, that was fine.  I...

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Love Is Not an Accident, It’s a Decision

Jul 03 Love Is Not an Accident, It’s a Decision

While watching old episodes of The Office the other night on Netflix (don’t judge, on either count), I was struck by something that Ryan (you know, the weasely little man-boy in hipster glasses) said:  ”I am in love with Kelly Kapoor!  And I don’t know how I’m going to feel tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that, but I do know that right here and right now all...

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The Voice of the Children

Apr 03 The Voice of the Children

If you’re anything like me, you ingest an overwhelming amount of news and current events information on a daily basis.  Long before I was born, politicians have used “for the children” as a ploy to garner support for whatever master plan legislation which is guaranteed to cure fill-in-the-blank social ills.  Recently, many politicians have taken the expression a step further...

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The Thrill of Growing Old With Someone

Mar 26 The Thrill of Growing Old With Someone

Maybe the newlywed sparkle is just taking longer to rub off my husband, but I still find him the most fascinating person in the world. My truly feminine soul still really doesn’t understand his masculine one and I love the process of learning more about the tiny things he likes and doesn’t like. I still don’t really understand what exactly makes him laugh, but I know...

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Guys: “Why tie the knot?”

Jan 11 Guys: “Why tie the knot?”

I’ve twice before (1,2) treated the subject of guys, male humans who attempt to kick the emotional maturity can down the road a few years or decades. Maybe it’s a good thing, but many guys nowadays are saying they don’t want to get married: [T]he Pew Research Center…recently found that the number of women 18-34 saying that having a successful marriage is one of the most...

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