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    Lenten Practices: Almsgiving

    Mar 21 Lenten Practices: Almsgiving

    I’ve looked at resources on prayer and fasting the last two weeks, so we’ll round out our trio of Lenten practices by discussing almsgiving today. There is obviously an aspect of almsgiving that involves monetary donations; the fifth precept of the Church (“You shall help to provide for the needs of the Church”) means that the faithful are obliged to assist with the...

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    Lenten Practices: Fasting

    Mar 14 Lenten Practices: Fasting

    I mentioned some thoughts/resources on prayer last week; this week, we’ll discuss some for fasting and next week for almsgiving, to cover the three traditional Lenten practices. Bridget mentioned this earlier, but there can be confusion if we use a truncated definition of fasting as “giving something up.” It’s not really fasting if you decide to give up cursing, losing...

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    For Lent, Don’t Give Up a Sin

    Mar 05 For Lent, Don’t Give Up a Sin

    Lent starts today. That means there are no more days to really think about what we plan on doing for the next 40 days (minus the Sundays, because that’s how we do it where I’m from) to prepare our hearts, minds, souls, and bodies for the holiest feast of the entire year. And I want to mention one thing: if you plan on giving something up, don’t give up a sin. You heard me:...

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    Lent with Littles

    Feb 26 Lent with Littles

    It’s almost that time again.  That’s right folks: Lent will be here in exactly one week.  If you’re at all like me, and by that I mean a fairly busy mom to a decent size family, who homeschools and basically has no time to herself, you may not be prepared for it.  How does one make Lent meaningful to children who are barely old enough to understand what a sacrifice is or why...

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    Sonnet to Our Lord on the Cross

    Mar 29 Sonnet to Our Lord on the Cross

    I was given a devotional some years ago by a Catholic bookstore employee as I was entering the seminary. I’ve used it a fair amount over the years, but there are few things in it that touch me more than this sonnet. I share it with you now on the most suitable day of the year. It’s a good one to keep in mind on Good Friday. I am not moved to you, O my God, That I might hope in...

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