Let not your heart be troubled

Jul 03 Let not your heart be troubled

In light of recent court decisions, legislative events, and various haughty celebrations which followed, a great many of my friends expressed dismay, distress, and despair, especially concerning the future of Catholics and religious freedom in America. While I have experienced great disappointment with the five tyrants on the court calling those who oppose “gay marriage” as...

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Down in the Mouth: A Note on Prayer and Suffering

Feb 24 Down in the Mouth: A Note on Prayer and Suffering

My wife and I have two children, four months apart (go figure), both under the age of two.  Currently they’re both in day care which means they’re both constantly exposed to all the germs passed by a dozen or so other kids.  Since October, our family has endured three cases of food poisoning, eight ear infections, two cases of bronchitis, three cases of pneumonia and currently...

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The Valley of Tears

Out of the deep have I called unto thee O Lord; Lord, hear my voice! O let thine ears consider well The voice of my complaint. -Psalm 130:1-2 Given all the drama within the Catholic universe lately, as well as the perilous state of national and worldwide affairs, I found myself half-joking with a friend that we’re no longer certain that the End Times are not at hand.  Then again, a...

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Undying Hope

Lately it seems the news headlines have increasingly included stories of persecution of Catholics or the Catholic Church, whether the abortion issue, so-called homosexual “rights”, or the unending slaughter of Coptic Christians and others by Muslim jihadis.  The daily barrage of such news stories can leave one feeling as though the whole world has turned against the one, holy,...

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