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    Nobody expects (what really happened during) the Spanish Inquisition!

    Aug 23 Nobody expects (what really happened during) the Spanish Inquisition!

    I’m not a historian, nor an historian, but I do know there is more to the Inquisition than is popularly believed. My first brush with the truth about the Inquisition came from a discussion I had with my old Acton boss, Fr. Robert Sirico. Knowing nothing about what actually happened, I tossed out the idea that the Church has bad things in its past like the Inquisition. Fr. Robert calmly...

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    Catholic Just War Doctrine and the American Civil War

    Dec 07 Catholic Just War Doctrine and the American Civil War

    With the recent release Spielberg movie, as well as a recent piece by Mark Shea called Drone War and Just-War Teaching, I thought it would present a nice opportunity to address what is often heralded as one of the greatest human rights achievements in the history of the United States, the Union’s victory in the Civil War. For decades, history teachers nationwide have taught children one of...

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    Ichthys: History and Symbolism

    by Jennie Murphy Not a day goes by without my seeing a “Jesus” fish on the back of a vehicle. And while my husband and I have one on our own car, how many Christians really know the history or the statement they are making with this symbol? Deep in the catacombs of Rome, the symbol of the fish adorns the tombs of the buried Christians. These catacombs date back to the time of the first few...

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    Church Fathers and Catholic/Protestant Consensus

    I’ve only heard/read a tiny bit of/about Dr. Francis Beckwith, but he always impresses me. A caller to Catholic Answers Live on the show where he was a guest asked him why so many Catholic converts are swayed by reading the Church Fathers. To paraphrase his answer (question is asked about 20 minutes in), he said that he was surprised at the following: The major issues of agreement among...

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