Fear of the Future is Merely the Expectation of Grace

Feb 04 Fear of the Future is Merely the Expectation of Grace

In Matthew 6, Jesus implores us to not worry about the future because, “tomorrow will take care of itself. Sufficient for a day is its own evil.” In a 21st century world full of hobby psychiatrists, it can be tempting to look to many of Christ’s teachings as merely an appeal to a healthy mindspace, but there is always more to his words than happy living. I used to be a legendary...

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The Purpose of Freedom

Feb 15 The Purpose of Freedom

Recently, I gave my students a test in which a multiple-choice question asked for the purpose of free will.  The two choices most picked by students were: 1. To do good and evil; and 2. To do good.  During our review of the test, we arrived at this question and an argument broke out amongst my high-schoolers as to who held the correct answer.  Before we continue, why don’t you answer the...

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Munus: a Key to Understanding Grace

by Micah Murphy When I was a student at seminary, my spiritual director once spoke to me of the importance of the concept of munus. Munus is a Latin word meaning both gift and duty. In the Roman Empire, when a governor was given a commission by the emperor, it was called a munus. The new governor had received the gift of a new rank and status in Roman society, but he also had a new duty with real...

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