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    The Light of St. Lucy

    Dec 13 The Light of St. Lucy

    Advent is full of great feast days, including today’s feast of St. Lucy whose name literally means “light.” St. Lucy’s (283-304 A.D.) life and death were a shining light in the darkness of the secular Sicily where she lived. After her mother was healed through the intercession of St. Agatha, Lucy vowed to remain a virgin and distributed her money, including her dowry, to the poor. When...

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    Legislating Morality Pt 2: Objective truth

    Jun 01 Legislating Morality Pt 2: Objective truth

    Last week, I wrote about legislating morality* and how every action by a government entity is the creation or enforcement of law based on moral position.  The lone commenter, Beth, made the following points which I would like to address in a series of posts, the first covering objective truth.  To be clear, my original post was not intended to take a position on whether government should or...

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    Legislating morality

    May 25 Legislating morality

    You couldn’t tell by my posts, but I like to debate politics.  Many of my debates center on the concept of liberty, usually with an emphasis the degree of governmental involvement in social issues.  One major argument I often hear in the defense of freedom and liberty is how the government shouldn’t legislate morality.  It seems a number of people would like to be able to do...

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    The Distinction Between Welfare and Charity

    Mar 31 The Distinction Between Welfare and Charity

    When I was a sweet, naïve freshman in college, I was inspired by a “liberal”, philosophy, namely, that if we all paid higher taxes, then fewer people would be poor. It seemed like such an easy and straightforward way to help so many people out, who could possibly be against that? Slowly I began to realize that this philosophy was too easy. I knew lots of faithful Republicans whom I knew for...

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    Moral Governments and the Leveling Effect

    Mar 08 Moral Governments and the Leveling Effect

    by Mary Walker Obedience is a virtue that must be central to any Christian faith. Practicing obedience is to actively submit our wills to what we know is right and true: God’s word. Last week, I posted to my Facebook page what I thought was a fairly benign column on obedience to God. To my genuine surprise, a few individuals barraged the post with negative, hateful and mostly irrational remarks...

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