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    Fortnight for Freedom: Do we really believe?

    Jul 04 Fortnight for Freedom: Do we really believe?

    Probably most of our readers understand that the Obama Administration has imposed restrictions on the freedom of religion, forcing Catholic institutions to provide health insurance plans which pay for contraception and abortion drugs.  This of course is contrary to Church teaching, and after it all blows over, the Church will be the one left standing.  It always is. Compared to other...

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    Spousal Privilege

    Since I’ve been on vacation, I’ve been watching an unusual amount of television. Over the past few days,  I’ve been struck by the volume of material about sex. Talk shows, tv shows, even supposedly conservative networks like Fox News seem to be obsessed with the topic.  The mentality of these talk show hosts seems to be that we’re “afraid” of sex or...

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    Hell, Mortal Sin and the Loss of Freedom

    Apr 09 Hell, Mortal Sin and the Loss of Freedom

    Years ago, I sat in an audience and listened to a young man speaking about the need to live a faithful and moral life in the midst of an opposing world. Honestly, my memory has reduced the entire talk to the single statement, “At the end of the world, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more people in Hell than in Heaven.”

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    Freedom and Dancing

    Mar 20 Freedom and Dancing

    by Mary Walker Anyone who has ever attempted something difficult, or seemingly insurmountable knows that the only way to achieve success is to practice and focus on the task at hand. What could be more important (and for that matter sometimes challenging) than building a relationship with God? It requires dedication, practice and discipline, but the result is a beautiful faith. The first analogy...

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    “Take up your cross and follow me”

    Feb 24 “Take up your cross and follow me”

    Yesterday was the feast day of St. Polycarp, of whom St. Irenaeus says “he was not only taught by the Apostles, and lived in familiar intercourse with many that had seen Christ, but also received his appointment in Asia from the Apostles as Bishop in the Church of Smyrna.” [Irenaeus] then goes on to speak of his own personal acquaintance with Polycarp, his martyrdom, and...

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