St. Thérèse, Jane Austen, and Raising Saints

Apr 24 St. Thérèse, Jane Austen, and Raising Saints

I have been thinking a lot lately about raising a holy family and what it takes to do so, especially when there are so many negative influences in our society. I want to keep my little girls safe in their Catholic world forever, though I know that I cannot. I want to preserve the innocence of their minds and hearts, so that they do not know about great evils committed by others. I don’t want...

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Please Don’t Drop the Host: A Mother’s Prayer

May 22 Please Don’t Drop the Host: A Mother’s Prayer

As I sat in the pew, watching my son climb the steps into the Sanctuary to receive his First Holy Communion alongside his cousin, I prayed a prayer I’m sure parents the world over have prayed at every single First Holy Communion ever: “Dear God, please don’t let him drop the Host.”  Repeated, over and over, in my mind until it was done and he was back in the pew beside...

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Being Present is a Gift

Dec 20 Being Present is a Gift

Since I wrote the post two weeks ago about losing control, I have been thinking more about Martha and Mary and how they are examples to us in many ways. Mary had the gift of contemplation in being attentive to Jesus as her guest, and we are called to be attentive to Christ in our prayer. We are also called to be attentive to those with whom God has given us: family, friends, co-workers, and...

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Efficacious Signs

Apr 03 Efficacious Signs

This Holy Week, we are called to reflect on the way God loves us. He sent his only Son to die for our sins… that’s a powerful love! Paragraph 1613 of the Catechism asserts that Christian marriages are to be “efficacious signs” of Christ’s love for His Church. Married couples should resemble the way Christ loved his Church through their love and devotion towards each...

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Taking Sainthood Seriously

Mar 09 Taking Sainthood Seriously

“You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Mt 5:48) Words to live by, right?  It’s not so easy if you ask me. A few years ago, a co-worker and I were discussing our spiritual lives when he made this analogy.  Your conscience is like a radar scope.  When you start out as a Christian, the only sins and imperfections you see are the ones really close to the...

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