A Saint Among Us

Mar 13 A Saint Among Us

Recently, my family celebrated the fifth birthday of one of our little saints.  There was cake and soda, laughter and love and family.  We sang “Happy Birthday” for the fifth time to a little girl who passed away five days after her birth as her baby brother (who has never met her) blew out her candles.  We celebrated her short life because we know that, much as we miss her, she is...

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St. Anthony’s Tongue or “Things to Know about Relics”

Mar 06 St. Anthony’s Tongue or “Things to Know about Relics”

Recently, my family and I had a unique opportunity: to view and venerate relics of St. Anthony.  Yes, THE St. Anthony.  The one who helps us all find everything from our lost keys to lost sanity to parking spaces at the mall.  You know, Tony.  It was thrilling and simultaneously oddly calming to be so close to a part of someone with whom I’ve felt so close for all of my life and yet who...

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What Peter and Judas Can Teach Us About Faith and Skepticism

Mar 22 What Peter and Judas Can Teach Us About Faith and Skepticism

Familiar words: “I don’t believe in Christianity because it doesn’t make sense. One God in Three Persons? One of those persons became man and suffered death? The Eucharist is Jesus, but looks like bread? I’m pretty skeptical.”

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You want me to what?

by Matt Sciba Many times throughout my life, it seemed to me that God had given me instructions.  Sometimes the reason was clear.  Sometimes not.  Those times when the reason was not clear, I relied upon my faith that God would not lead me astray.  Even if I clearly understood the reason, often times others did not, which often caused people to question my judgment or sanity. As detailed in...

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Why I believe…

By Tim Shaughnessy At the outset, I admit that I am not a theologian nor philosopher, so if you’re looking for deep intellectual ammo with which to defend your faith against others, check out my co-bloggers. But some of you may wonder why a regular guy (okay, somewhat irregular since I hate football and beer) loves God, Jesus Christ, and the Catholic Church. To be frank, this post is...

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