Modern Advances and the Moral Order

Mar 22 Modern Advances and the Moral Order

I think one of the most fallacious arguments I’ve heard in the context of debating religion is that the Catholic Church is patently against technology and innovation.

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The Forgotten Modesty

Mar 14 The Forgotten Modesty

Back in my glory days at Benedictine College, I would often peruse the ‘for sale’ shelf at the school library for the next 5 cent masterpiece that would change my life.  The shelf would have more appropriately named ‘pre-combustion row’ and though I rarely found anything worth taking the time to read, the occasional jewel would shine through. One such book was called The...

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Marriage: A “Liberal” Idea?

Mar 13 Marriage: A “Liberal” Idea?

John Locke, a man of liberal political ideals, also saw marriage as vital to the survival of our western culture!

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Taking Sainthood Seriously

Mar 09 Taking Sainthood Seriously

“You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Mt 5:48) Words to live by, right?  It’s not so easy if you ask me. A few years ago, a co-worker and I were discussing our spiritual lives when he made this analogy.  Your conscience is like a radar scope.  When you start out as a Christian, the only sins and imperfections you see are the ones really close to the...

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Moral Governments and the Leveling Effect

Mar 08 Moral Governments and the Leveling Effect

by Mary Walker Obedience is a virtue that must be central to any Christian faith. Practicing obedience is to actively submit our wills to what we know is right and true: God’s word. Last week, I posted to my Facebook page what I thought was a fairly benign column on obedience to God. To my genuine surprise, a few individuals barraged the post with negative, hateful and mostly irrational remarks...

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