Jul 12 Contraceptivism

CNA has a story about overpopulation, and one economist who is skeptical of its dangers, on what I guess was yesterday’s “World Population Day.” The economist, Nicholas Eberstadt, had this line: “To have a more balanced view of the situation, one has to be a bit more nuanced, and see how population change is affecting opportunities and constraints,” he added. “And you...

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Why Contraception and Homosexuality Need Migratory Birds

May 06 Why Contraception and Homosexuality Need Migratory Birds

Without getting into the weeds of heavy theology, sin is an offense against the love of God, Who has established eternal law to govern all of existence.  Incidentally, eternal law defines what is in conformity with human nature and what is not.  Therefore, a sin, while an act against God and eternal law, can also be seen as an act against our own human nature.  There are a few...

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Interview: Environmental Impact of Synthetic Hormones

Feb 25 Interview: Environmental Impact of Synthetic Hormones

Dalton Gossett has bachelor and associate degrees in biology and a Ph.D. in plant physiology, and has lived in the Shreveport, Louisiana area for over 25 years. He has taught undergraduate courses in biochemistry, animal physiology, and environmental science. He has also assisted undergraduate and graduate student research in biology, and his research interests include environmental parameters...

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Unsurprising news from the world of contraception

Dec 14 Unsurprising news from the world of contraception

A truism of economics is that if you make an activity cheaper, you can’t expect people will engage in that activity less than when it was more expensive. The siren song of contraception is that its use will reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions. It certainly sounds plausible, and in some cases it may, but there are plenty of reasons that suggest increased contraceptive...

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Contraception, Politics, and Culture

Sep 10 Contraception, Politics, and Culture

Catholics have been energized politically since the revelation of the religious-liberty-destroying HHS mandate forcing contraception coverage in violation of the consciences of Catholic employers. While it is clear to most orthodox Catholics, some Protestants, and those well-versed in Constitutional law that the HHS mandate is abhorrent, it is equally clear that nominal Catholics, other...

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