When Democracy Fuels Pride

Apr 30 When Democracy Fuels Pride

Thank you, Public Choice analysis, for shedding light on the motivations of those holding public office. Public Choice theory views politicians as no different from other individuals who rationally seek their own self-interest first. Winston Churchill famously said “democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried.” Most see this phrase as a...

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UPDATE: Timothy Cardinal Dolan Ahead of Obama for TIME’s Influential People List

Mar 31 UPDATE: Timothy Cardinal Dolan Ahead of Obama for TIME’s Influential People List

Just got word of this from a Facebook friend. Go show your support for our latest American Cardinal, and the man who’s taking point on the battle with the Obama Administration over the HHS Contraception Mandate! SHARE THE LINK WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!


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Three Points Against the Mandate You Don’t Want to Leave Home Without!

In debating the HHS contraception mandate at our affiliate Facebook page, I’ve noticed that there are many arguments floating around, some involving the financial funds used by some Catholic organizations, others involving the moral practices of the majority of those claiming to be Catholic.

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Why the White House “Accommodations” are Insufficient UPDATE: Catholic Hospitals, Schools, etc. Still Not Exempted

This story is still breaking. Scroll down for updates. News broke this morning that the White House would offer an “accommodation” (to avoid the appearance of caving to Catholics through “compromise”) to the Catholic community over their concern about the HHS Contraception Mandate. There are currently two different theories surfacing regarding this...

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A Church for All Seasons

by Micah Murphy Whenever I tell someone I am concerned about the growing anti-Catholicism in the United States, I see two different, opposite reactions arise. The first is generally an understanding nod, coming from someone who is well aware of the history of our faith and the radical nature of our calling. The second is an immediate, incredulous shaking of the head, an insistence that I am...

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