St. Thérèse, Jane Austen, and Raising Saints

Apr 24 St. Thérèse, Jane Austen, and Raising Saints

I have been thinking a lot lately about raising a holy family and what it takes to do so, especially when there are so many negative influences in our society. I want to keep my little girls safe in their Catholic world forever, though I know that I cannot. I want to preserve the innocence of their minds and hearts, so that they do not know about great evils committed by others. I don’t want...

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Review: Our Holy Father, the Pope

Mar 12 Review: Our Holy Father, the Pope

I have a confession to make: I enjoy reading children’s books.  I mean, not all of them, obviously, because often I find that merely labeling something as being written for children relieves the author of any obligation to practice good writing.  Have you seen some of the fodder that lines the shelves in most children’s sections in libraries and book stores alike?  Terrible....

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Lent with Littles

Feb 26 Lent with Littles

It’s almost that time again.  That’s right folks: Lent will be here in exactly one week.  If you’re at all like me, and by that I mean a fairly busy mom to a decent size family, who homeschools and basically has no time to herself, you may not be prepared for it.  How does one make Lent meaningful to children who are barely old enough to understand what a sacrifice is or why...

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Feeding Them Good Things

Aug 14 Feeding Them Good Things

Whenever my children receive a new religious book  (and believe me, it happens more often then one might think), I immediately flip it open and do a quick scan of the inside cover.   If it passes my test, we keep it.  If not, we toss it (not immediately, of course; my mama raised me right: we wait until we’re alone, alright?).  By now, you probably have two questions: what’s the...

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Late Night Theology Lessons (with Kids!)

Jul 17 Late Night Theology Lessons (with Kids!)

I think one of the things I love most about praying with young children is the conversations it starts.  We’ve had my oldest daughter’s (four years old) astute observations about our need to attend Mass (“See Hims?  On the cross up there? Jesus? Hims has a lot of boo-boos and when we go to Mass we helps Hims boo-boos feel better”), and we’ve had my second...

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