Book Review: Something Other Than God

May 22 Book Review: Something Other Than God

During the three days it took me to read Jennifer Fulwiler’s memoir, Something Other Than God, my husband made the same joke every time he picked it up. He would skim the endorsements on the back of the book from famous Catholic authors, radio hosts, and even Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and then become extremely impressed when he saw that on the inside of the front cover C.S. Lewis had also...

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When Catholicism is in Your Bones

Apr 10 When Catholicism is in Your Bones

Since we moved to Minnesota, my family and I have been meeting a lot of converts, many of them my husband’s colleague at the Catholic university where he is a professor. It seems that more of them than not are converts. The other day a distinguished colleague asked my husband, “You are a cradle Catholic, aren’t you?” After my husband assured him that he was, his friend said decidedly,...

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Ichthys: History and Symbolism

by Jennie Murphy Not a day goes by without my seeing a “Jesus” fish on the back of a vehicle. And while my husband and I have one on our own car, how many Christians really know the history or the statement they are making with this symbol? Deep in the catacombs of Rome, the symbol of the fish adorns the tombs of the buried Christians. These catacombs date back to the time of the first few...

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Jesus and Hog’s Head Cheese

by Matt Sciba Many things in this world contain extremely confusing names.  Take sweetbreads for example.  Bread made with an extra helping of sugar, right?  Sounds delicious.  You’d never think they came from the facial area or internal organs of a farm animal.  In the same way, finger sandwiches are equally deceiving, but should seemingly deter the party-goers rather than entice....

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This Makes Me Cross

It all started with an innocent trip to a Christian bookstore to buy a gift (name and location of store withheld to protect the cheesy). As my wife and I headed to the register, we passed the ever-present impulse items. One such item for sale was a stick-type tire gauge. A tire gauge at a Christian bookstore, you ask? Yes, because this particular gauge had a cross prominently affixed to it. My...

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