Quick note: local pro-life victory

Our Shreveport readers may be particularly interested in this, but others of a pro-life persuasion can cheer as well. I received the following email a few days ago from the local coordinator of our 40 Days for Life effort (links added by me):

Abby Johnson called me last night and said that one of the workers from “Hope” [Medical Group in Shreveport, one of our two local abortion facilities] quit her job!  She apparently wrestled with it for a long time and finally couldn’t take it anymore.  She packed everything up and moved out of town.  For a while she was homeless, keeping her kids in her car while she looked for a job.  She contacted Abby’s ministry “And Then There Were None“.  They helped her and within days she had a place to live and a new job.  She was also asking Abby for moral support from the Shreveport area.  So please say a special prayer today for this woman and her family.

Please find a way to get involved with 40 Days for Life. Whether it is praying in front of a clinic, praying for those who visit the clinic, or praying for those who work at the clinic, you can see the common denominator.


  1. Chris Davis /

    Thank you, Tim, for spreading the word about 40 Days for Life!

    I would like to invite all Truth and Charity readers to pray for abortion workers and all those whose lives have been affected by abortion. With 1 out of every 4 known pregnancies ending in abortion, no one is unaffected.

    So please, wherever you live, get involved in your local campaign:

    1) make praying for an end to abortion part of your daily prayer routine from September 25 through November 3,
    2) join the vigil by standing in prayer outside a local abortion center, and
    3) bring as many of your family and friends as you can to join you.

    To get involved in the Shreveport-Bossier campaign, visit our local website (40daysforlifeSB.com) or email me (Chris@40daysforlifeSB.com).

    To get involved in your area, visit the national website (40daysforlife.com).

    God bless you all!

    In Christ for Life,

    Chris Davis
    Shreveport-Bossier 40DFL Director

    “Let God turn your love of life into a life of love!”

  2. Amazing!!! The Lord is Kind and Merciful!!