One Month Down

Tonight draws to a close the first month of Truth & Charity.

As I type this, we have had 18,083 hits with 7,389 unique visitors (one of which from the Vatican).

One of our affiliate Facebook pages, started by T&C blogger Micah Murphy, now 2320 members, and through that page a fast has been scheduled for this Friday to support the bishops with 4401 planning on “attending.”  Can you imagine the grace from 4400+ people fasting for the bishops?

I can safely say that we are already well beyond anything any of us had thought possible.

Time to roll up the tent and close up shop!  Just kidding.

In all honesty, thank you all for your attention and please share Truth & Charity with both your friends and enemies.



  1. That’s amazing!

  2. No, we’re not closing the blog. It’s just an analogy. We’ll see you all again in February 2012!