Of seeds and soil

For the last two months my job has been primary care taker and domestic engineer for our offspring and abode. I didn’t choose it, it chose me, or rather God chose me.

After two months of stay-at-home daddyhood, I called upon another prominent blogger who currently operates in a similar line of work. His advice included methods of survival, and coping tactics for many of the challenges unique to SAH daddies, including social stigmas, breaking of traditional male/female work roles, and how to survive a situation when all the other parents at playgroup steer the conversation toward pregnancy and breastfeeding. (Rule #1, don’t engage.)

His greatest advice boiled down to one concept, flourish where you’re planted. Sometimes we don’t get to decide where God sends us or in what capacity. but our job is to do the best we can and do the job God has destined for us.