Miracle at Mile Marker 7

Miracle at Mile Marker 7

A few weeks ago, I struggled with the my faith that God wasn’t working miracles with the same frequency and public effect as when Jesus walked the earth.  When you read the Gospels, Jesus 33 years spans enough pages to read through in a couple of weeks.  The authors of the Gospels also didn’t record the mundane, but the magnificent.  Since then, I’ve spent some time trying to recollect miraculous events in my own life.  Earlier this week, I was reading through my Crossroads journal and came across an event about which I had completely forgotten.

One Saturday, we stood outside an abortion center and prayed.  A car approached, and the woman driving stopped in the driveway to hear what we had to say.  (I’ll call her “Maria”)  I asked Maria why she came to the center that day, and if she knew they performed abortions.  Maria said she believed she was pregnant and “needed” a morning after pill.  I explained that it is possible for the morning after pill to cause an abortion, and that God has a plan for that baby.  Maria willingly accepted my offer of the information pamphlet about the stages of life in the womb.  I asked if she was Catholic, to which she replied in the affirmative, so I offered her my rosary.  She said she couldn’t possibly take my rosary as it was very beautiful, so I offered to let her borrow it until she was finished insideThis is a very successful technique for sidewalk counseling. That way regardless of the outcome, you still have an opportunity to counsel the mother either for a crisis pregnancy or post-abortion healing.  She accepted.

The next hour seemed like forever.  We prayed that God would change Maria’s heart and give her the courage to leave.  Eventually, Maria exited the building, drove her car over to us, her beautiful smile beaming from ear to ear.  She said that the pregnancy test came back positive, but that she felt so strongly that she couldn’t abort her baby.  Maria praised God for changing her heart and for putting us outside the abortion center that day.

Another event I experienced was actually two events separated by a year.  While we walked across the Kansas in 2003, a woman in a pickup pulled over to ask if we needed a ride.  We declined, but as always, we explained our mission.  She listened for a couple minutes, offered a word of encouragement, and drove away.

The next summer, a friend of mine walked the same route.  She too was approached by a woman in a pickup on the side of the Kansas highway, only their conversation was quite different.  The woman explained how in the previous summer she was driving across the state to have an abortion when she approached a group of walkers wearing the same pro-life shirts.  Their witness inspired her to keep her child.

In both cases, God miraculously saved lives.  I saw the instant result of one, and learned unexpectedly of the second a year later.  Miracles happen, and sometimes we are privy to the result of our hand in God’s work.


  1. AMEN Glory be to God – He tells us to go and be fishers of men

  2. Its beautiful to see these miracles occur. People of olden times hailed the miracles. We, in our age try to brush it off calling it a ‘coincidence’ or trying to justify it in some scientific way…