How to Recognize a Fake Cardinal

How to Recognize a Fake Cardinal: A Handy Guide

How to Recognize a Fake Cardinal: A Handy Guide

Read this informative infographic and learn how to avoid letting THIS happen again. Visit Jason Bach Cartoons on Facebook for more!


  1. Your cartoons are fantastic! Thanks for a good chuckle this morning.

  2. refreshing… I remember years ago reading the little friars cartoon books. Great decent laughs. One scene I will describe after all these years. Two men watch two nuns walking along a slippery road when one falls. One of the men went to help her and the other said “Don’t touch her Joe,use the shovel, she’s consecrated!” not that funny in writing but as a cartoon it sure was…we all need humor we have been through too much adversity….thank you Jason, keep um.. coming.

  3. Panda Rosa /

    I sort of admire the Fake Cardinal’s chutzpah. Hope we see more of him!