Good Friday morning read

Good Friday morning read

This is probably the third year in a row that I’ve recommended Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman’s Discourse 16. Mental Sufferings of Our Lord in His Passion as a must-read for Good Friday. The stations of the cross and the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary focus us on the physical sufferings of Jesus, and perhaps some emotional ones too as He underwent the humiliation of the crowing of thorns and His naked crucifixion. We can overlook the tremendous mental sufferings He endured as He contemplated all of humanity’s sins against the all-good and all-loving God.

Read it all, and then end with his closing prayer:

O Heart of Jesus, all Love, I offer Thee these humble prayers for myself, and for all those who unite themselves with me in Spirit to adore Thee. O holiest Heart of Jesus most lovely, I intend to renew and to offer to Thee these acts of adoration and these prayers, for myself a wretched sinner, and for all those who are associated with me in Thy adoration, through all moments while I breathe, even to the end of my life. I recommend to Thee, O my Jesus, Holy Church, Thy dear spouse and our true Mother, all just souls and all poor sinners, the afflicted, the dying, and all mankind. Let not Thy Blood be shed for them in vain. Finally, deign to apply it in relief of the souls in Purgatory, of those in particular who have practised in the course of their life this holy devotion of adoring Thee.



    Eli Eli
    lama sabachtani !
    Is that what you think, My child ?
    calm down, trust Me, don’t be riled
    I am always at your side,
    don’t forget, also for you I died.
    The world makes a lot of noise
    those who don’t follow, it gladly destroys.
    I work in silence to open the doors
    I will provide you the perfect oars
    to steer your boat in My direction
    which will request a lot of circumspection.
    For you I don’t set exorbitant expectations
    nor turn away when I see your frustrations
    I never promised you life would be easy
    more often than not it can be very cheesy.
    Stay with Me, My child, don’t ever leave Me
    I hold you tight each time you want to flee
    you are so much Mine, I need you, I need you
    when it’s difficult I pull you through.
    I promised you the victory
    which presently might seem contradictory
    but know My child that GOD NEVER LIES
    the way I will act will be a surprise.
    Come rest at My Heart while My Love is mounting
    and every hair on your head I have been counting.
    Walk in My footsteps it’s your only security
    to continue your life in innocence and purity.
    This world is heading for total destruction
    ’cause it surrendered to the evil one’s seduction.
    Offer Me all your doubts and hardships
    and I will turn them into Divine Worships.
    I wait for you, My daughter
    to refresh your soul with My Salvation Water.

    Your Jesus, Your Lord and Savior who loves you more than you can imagine.
    Rita Biesemans June 17th 2013


    God Himself came into this world
    to share the life of us, His creatures
    the scroll of the Lord got unfurled
    He showed us His heavenly features

    But we treated Him so hateful
    so arrogant and so defiant
    with a behavior so ungrateful
    refusing to be anything but compliant

    Although he came to save us
    from the gates and fires of Hell
    we scourged Him calling Him a cuss
    we crucified Him and said “farewell”

    Though we don’t deserve Your compassion
    Your Love and Mercy overcomes it all
    You keep acting in a persevering fashion
    to have us perform well over the long haul.

    Thank You Jesus for saving us and setting us free from the bondage of satan and the fires of Hell. I realize all too well that it’s up to us to accept or reject this freedom by accepting or rejecting You. I love You Jesus, don’t let me ever go astray.

    Rita Biesemans, Good Friday April 18 2014