God opened the door. Now walk through it.

God opened the door. Now walk through it.

As almost none of you know, last year I departed my very unstable line of work for greener pastures.  Actually the work departed me for the West Texas desert.  After four years of job instability I decided to pursue a new career

For the past 9 months, I have largely spent my free time taking classes, volunteering, and interning to gain the necessary experience.  After having applied for scores of positions and being turned down every time, I finally received a call to take an aptitude test for one such position.

Upon receiving the callback, my mind froze and fear reared its ugly head.  An image came to mind of an opened door in front of me.  I stood at the door but was afraid to take another step.  What will we do with our kids for the month before my wife is out for the summer?  A thousand doubts and questions flooded my mind.

God has opened many doors throughout my life, and each time there is slight hesitation before stepping through.  Imagine what would be if St. Peter, or any of the popes for that matter, let fear and hesitation keep him from walking through doors.  What blessings would have been missed by not following the opportunities provided by God?  As I said before, a thousand doubts and questions flooded my mind.  All of them have solutions, and God will always provide, no matter which path we choose.  Remember to rely upon him and ask for his guidance, and he will let you know his will.

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  1. AMEN! I needed that today, so thanks!


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