Fortnight for Freedom: Do we really believe?

Fortnight for Freedom: Do we really believe?

Probably most of our readers understand that the Obama Administration has imposed restrictions on the freedom of religion, forcing Catholic institutions to provide health insurance plans which pay for contraception and abortion drugs.  This of course is contrary to Church teaching, and after it all blows over, the Church will be the one left standing.  It always is.

Compared to other persecutions, this period is relatively mild.  So far we have no mass martyrdom, priests are not being imprisoned or dragged out into the street and shot.  However, the unborn are being slaughtered at breakneck pace, and the Catholic Church is being compelled to pay for it.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have had occasion to attend Mass at a handful of Catholic parishes.  At two of the parishes, the Creed was omitted.  I do not know the intent of the priests or whether the omission was deliberate or accidental.  At one of the parishes, omitting the Creed is commonplace to make room for non-liturgical events during the Mass, such as a post-communion speech on mission work, or a video presentation of the new church design.  While there exists a debate among Catholics as to whether or not these events are liturgically appropriate, one thing is certain, the Creed is not to be omitted.In certain instances, the profession of faith takes a different form through a renewal of Baptismal promises

During this time of persecution, Catholics are challenged and charged with the duty of living our faith and not cowering at the slightest chance of confrontation.  If we are to stand up for what we believe, we must first know what it is we believe.  One cannot take objection to something if one does not know that something is wrong or why it is wrong.

Today is the last day of the Fortnight for Freedom, but our courage and prayer does not cease.  Most, if not all countries where Catholics suffered, the persecution progressed far beyond our current predicament.  Men, women, and children were murdered for their beliefs outlined in the Creed.  If we truly believe in one God, the Father the almighty, etc.  we should state our beliefs with unwavering conviction, for someday we may do so at the barrel of a gun.


  1. What is the translation of the inscription at the bottom of the photo?

  2. “Fr. Francisco Vera, elderly priest shot in Jalisco, Mexico for celebrating the Holy Mass. 1927.”