For the pro-choice Christian in your life…

For the pro-choice Christian in your life…

I’m sad to say that my opinion of the popular Big Pulpit aggregator has declined since this week’s Wednesday Edition, when it linked to not one but two of my blog posts, including my T&C post from Monday. Clearly their editorial standards are declining

In its Wednesday Mid-Day Extra edition, though, was a link to a story that caught my eye: “Wal-Mart Sells Bible Helping Planned Parenthood-Funding Komen,” a follow-up to a story from December 2011 about a pink Bible emblazoned with the Komen logo being sold at Wal-Mart via the Lifeway bookstore parent company.

This story was news to me, but of course what was not news was the years-long and millions-of-dollars-deep connection between the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation (committed to fighting breast cancer) and Planned Parenthood (committed to increasing abortions and contraception, both linked with increased rates of breast cancer). The December story concludes thusly:

The bottom line here is that all Bibles are a reminder God has not forgotten you. God loves breast cancer survivors and He loves the unborn. He loves them all, and it’s not likely He’s encouraging anyone to fund death to support breast cancer. All Bibles hold God’s life-sustaining words, but the Here’s Hope Breast Cancer Bible sucks hope from the womb and helps fund the robbery of hope from the unborn.

Early on, Lifeway decided to recall the Bibles (after, however, somehow agreeing that a Komen Bible would be a good thing to sell) and apparently Wal-Mart either dragged its feet a bit or it just took a while for the Bibles to get pulled completely. Either way, your trusty reporter was not able to find active links to the Komen Bible at, Amazon, or Google Shopping.

When Jesus said “You will be hated by all men because of my name (Mt 10:22 and elsewhere),” we usually get a picture of our haters as something like the Romans sending Christians to the lions; i.e., people bent on doing evil hating the ones asking them to repent. What is more troubling is being hated by people who clearly want to do good. I would venture to argue that not a single supporter of the Komen foundation does so precisely because Komen gives money to Planned Parenthood which will then perform abortions. Sincere people want to end the scourge of cancer, and yet pro-lifers seem to want to stand in their way. It can be little emotional consolation for the person receiving sneers and raised eyebrows when declining to donate for a “race for the cure”  to reflect on the fact that we cannot cooperate with evil. But enduring sneers and raised eyebrows for the Truth is nothing compared to a scourge.

So, Here’s Hope that victims of breast cancer who seek solace in God’s Word no longer will unwittingly support an organization that continues to direct millions of dollars of funds to the nation’s largest abortion provider.

For the people in your life who want to support a great October cause, steer them away from Komen’s races and toward a local 40 Days for Life campaign!


  1. While I agree with the content of your article, and am shocked to read there was a Bible being sold to support those organizations, I am wondering what the title has to do with the content. I clicked the link thinking this would be a discussion about pro-choice Christians specifically. I had the mental picture of you debating with a Christian friend or family member who was trying to explain, justify or defend his/her position. Oh well. I guess it’s not that big of a deal. ;-)

    • Sorry for the bait and switch :)

    • The title sounded to me a bit like a sales pitch for the Komen Bible

      • Oh! Haha. I see that now. That does make sense. LOL.

  2. Your title brought me in, I stayed and read, I’m glad I did, I’m more informed. And I’d bet you a beer that if I was a pro-choice Christian and I saw your title, I’d be more than a little apprehensive about clicking (gulp, am I really going to find support for my position here?).

  3. As an anti science research professor of chemistry I….sorry cant do it, that sounds as stupid and nonsensicle as a pro abortion Catholic.


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