Facebooks’s New App Uses Tech to Normalize Gay Marriage

Facebooks’s New App Uses Tech to Normalize Gay Marriage

Despite my pride in being unplugged and off-the-grid as much as possible, I’m a huge tech junkie. Just about any new technology fascinates me. So when I saw that Facebook was producing Paper, a new app that organizes your feed into “into sections to let you follow your favorite interests — just like a newspaper,” I was pretty excited. The app looks great, too. Smooth, user-friendly, intuitive. Well, you watch the video:

So did you catch what I did?


Let me freeze-frame that shot for you readers:


And no, before MSNBC can chime in, it has nothing to do with this being an interracial relationship.

The scene (opening at the 0:58 mark) shows two adult men in bed together, reading the paper and smiling.

I’m not naive enough to be surprised. Facebook isn’t exactly a bastion of Christian or conservative values. It’s just upsetting that they and so many other corporations, media outlets, and politicians are so blatantly pushing this worldview down our throats. That’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that, as a technophile, I’ve noticed that the gay marriage agenda is rapidly being normalized in the minds of the rising generation through its association with emerging technologies. “And here we have this really great new app to fascinate you! Behold all the amazing things we moderns can do with a few properly coded electrical signals! We here at Facebook can even change the nature of sex and marriage! Yes, we sure did sneak that in under the radar!”

Nice try, Facebook, but I don’t think moral slight-of-hand is one of the gestures programmers intended.

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  1. PLEASE – Quoting Chesterton, “It’s neither gay nor ‘normal'”.


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