Download This Children’s Rosary to Benefit a Grieving Family

Hail Mary: Children Pray the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary - Various Artists

In April of 2012, the mother of five children in our local Catholic school system passed away from a very brief struggle with brain cancer. Christy Gallegos was a wife, mother, as well as a nurse on a Life Air Rescue helicopter.

Christy’s deep faith and her belief in God’s love for us afforded her incredible strength in her journey. This Rosary was recorded by the students, teachers, and leaders in the Catholic Schools of Shreveport to both bolster her family’s spirits with prayer and to help with the financial well-being of her children.

Christy as a Life Air nurse and with her oldest son, Anderson.

100% of the proceeds (around $7 per album after iTunes takes its share) from the Hail Mary: Children Pray the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary will go to supporting the needs of the Gallegos family. In addition to being a financial support, the album is a great way to foster an interest and love for the Rosary in your own kids because it is prayed by children.

The short time between diagnosis and her passing was a study in living deliberately, preparing children for an inevitable loss, and putting affairs in order. In her passing, Christy gave those around her an example of how to live; her love for her husband and her children served as an model of hope for all of us who knew her.

Please support the Gallegos family by clicking the “Download on iTunes” button under the album cover above.

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    Not to take away from this courageous woman’s story but please also keep in prayer another Catholic mom of 5, ages 7 yrs old and under who died this past weekend: