Do They Even Sell “No Mother’s Day” Cards?

Do They Even Sell “No Mother’s Day” Cards?

Most pro-lifers probably ran across this story from

Vogue model Christy Turlington Burns and a host of female celebrities are encouraging mothers across the nation to ignore their children as part of “No Mother’s Day,” a sign of their support for reducing maternal mortality by supporting family planning and global access to abortion.

(Scene: kitchen table on No Mother’s Day morning. Billy sits down to breakfast)
Billy: Hi Mom. Are we out of cereal?
(Mom, reading the paper, ignores him)
Billy: Mom! Why are you ignoring me?
(Mom hands him a Planned Parenthood flyer about No Mother’s Day)
Billy: Oh. So, you think mothers should have more abortions?
(Mom nods her head)
Billy: Then who will those moms ignore during next year’s protest?
(Mom bites her tongue, continues to ignore Billy)
Billy: Let me get this straight: your protest, which supports abortion, involves you completely ignoring me?
(Mom nods again)
Billy: So you just act like I’m not even here? Even though you can plainly see me?
(Mom nods)
Billy: By ignoring me, you basically treat your own child as if I don’t exist?
(Mom, growing impatient, nods again)
Billy: But isn’t that exactly the pro-life argument? That pro-choicers treat what is obviously a living child as if he or she doesn’t exist? It seems stupid that, in trying to argue your point, you completely validate the point of your opponent.
Mom: Go bug your father…


Not a pro-choice mom; not an ignored baby.


  1. No Mother’s Day – Just when you think the bar of stupidity can’t get any lower, someone goes and lowers it.

    What exactly does this prove?? Unbelievable.

  2. Great rebuttal to a really, really dumb campaign.

  3. Question: How will the children of the mothers who participate in this know that this day is any different from all the other days they ignore their children?