Video: Crux Fidelis – Veneration of the Cross

Truth & Charity contributors Matt and Andrew Sciba sing in the
St. John Berchmans Cathedral schola on Good Friday, 2012


  1. Missed you both this year. Happy Easter!


    O Mary, your bitter tears
    my heart do pierce
    Our Mother is crying
    Her Son is dying
    to save us humanity
    from complete insanity.
    At the foot of the Cross
    for words I feel at a loss
    our sins are causing You distress
    I’m begging You for forgiveness
    I offer You my fears and mishap
    crawling on Your Mother’s lap
    O my Jesus, I need You, I need You
    satan plans coup after coup
    to destroy me, hoping I’d revolt
    he scares me like a thunderbolt
    but while walking in Your footstep
    on satan’s knuckles I will rap
    enough, enough, I do tell him
    the cup is stored unto the brim.
    Kneeling at His cross’s foot
    Jesus tells me to stay put
    “Let My Graces thee overflow
    My Cross gave satan the final blow”
    I love you so much My child
    and while dying He even smiled.
    Thank You, Mary for this gift,
    and by this my soul did lift.

    Rita Biesemans, Good Friday 3/29/2013


    God Himself came into this world
    to share the life of us, His creatures
    the scroll of the Lord got unfurled
    He showed us His heavenly features

    But we treated Him so hateful
    so arrogant and so defiant
    with a behavior so ungrateful
    refusing to be anything but compliant

    Although he came to save us
    from the gates and fires of Hell
    we scourged Him calling Him a cuss
    we crucified Him and said “farewell”

    Though we don’t deserve Your compassion
    Your Love and Mercy overcomes it all
    You keep acting in a persevering fashion
    to have us perform well over the long haul.

    Thank You Jesus for saving us and setting us free from the bondage of satan and the fires of Hell. I realize all too well that it’s up to us to accept or reject this freedom by accepting or rejecting You. I love You Jesus, don’t let me ever go astray.

    Rita Biesemans, Good Friday April 18 2014