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    Micah Murphy

    Contributor, Webmaster

    Micah Murphy

    A cradle Catholic from Omaha, Nebraska, Micah’s work in Catholic New Media began when he was still a teenager. After spending 9 years in Catholic school, he entered public high school to find himself challenged in his faith by his non-Catholic classmates. Seeking the truth, Micah scoured his parents’ Catechism, read Patrick Madrid and Catholic Answers, and learned the faith by debating it through online apologetics. At the same time, he began to appreciate the patrimony of the faith as he studied Latin.

    Excited to serve the Lord, Micah became a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Omaha. While studying at Conception Seminary College, he grew in his love of Catholic tradition through his exposure to monastic life and study of Biblical Greek. He also grew in his experience of Catholic New Media with the online apostolate Phatmass. Discerning a call to marriage, he left for a very fruitful year getting acquainted as a student with the work of FOCUS at the University of Nebraska, which inspired him to make evangelization his life’s work. After transferring to Franciscan University of Steubenville, Micah graduated in 2007 with a BA in Theology & Catechetics (with a Latin minor).

    Micah married his wife, Jennie, in 2007, and they have four children. They live in Shreveport, Louisiana, where Micah teaches Scripture at Loyola College Prep.

    Let’s Give All This Burke News a Shave with Occam’s Razor

    I’ve read a few articles lately about Cardinal Raymond Burke’s latest assignment and I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of it. Cardinal Burke was my choice for pope. But neither the conclave nor the Holy Spirit consulted me, and the last time I checked, that was a good thing. I’ve been known to make […]

    1 Huge Catholic Resource You Can’t Afford Not to Have!

    [Full disclosure: I work for Vocation Boom.] I’ve posted plenty of articles before on free or low-cost resources for apologists and catechists. In terms of content, this one blows them all out of the water. What if you had on your computer a single, searchable resource for over 1500 classic Catholic books, 1300 papal documents, […]

    What is the Catholic Response to the Illegal Immigrant Children Crisis?

    Something tragic is happening in this country of ours. Tens of thousands of children are pouring over the border and our president has done nothing at all to stop it. In fact, while it happened, he fundraised. And fundraised. And fundraised some more. I’m pretty sure he’s not planning on using the revenue to help […]

    America’s Other Border Crisis

    While millions of Americans share their concerns about our southern border and the rapid influx of illegal immigrants, Catholics have been sharing their views more than most I’ve seen, with a sharply divided approach between our theological need to care for the less fortunate – in this case the orphan and the foreigner – and […]

    Catholic Families, NFP, and the Upcoming Synod

    Patheos is hosting a symposium on the upcoming Synod on the Family and blogger Calah Alexander has some frank, honest points about the Church’s teaching on procreative generosity in practice. It’s worth reading. Calah observes: Even so, what rankles the most is never the lack of material help. I don’t expect the Church to pick […]

    Shreveport Times Ignores Homegrown Vocations

    There’s a new article on vocations circulating in the Catholic blogosphere. I saw it first at Deacon Greg Kandra’s blog, then Elizabeth Scalia posted it on Facebook. It’s a great story. Any increase in vocations is good news that needs to be shared, especially after years decades of hearing about the priest shortage.  For many […]

    10 Tips for Not Breeching Birth & Baby Etiquette

    My wife delivered our 4th child last week. Like all pro-life Catholics who’ve been blessed by God with more children than bedrooms, we get a little nervous and perhaps even self-conscious, despite the fact that we know, in the end, we’re doing the right thing. Keeping our anxieties in mind, here are a few points […]

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