Jason Bach


Originally from Portland, Oregon, Jason Bach has been drawing cartoons for as long as he can remember. He graduated in 2007 from Oregon State University, where he drew a daily strip for the student newspaper. More recently, he was named ‘Best Comic Cartoonist’ in 2012 by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. He currently lives as a Catholic in a sea of Protestants at Princeton Theological Seminary, where he is pursuing a Masters of Divinity.

A Blessed Good Friday

Lost? Crotalus.

Moments of Grace in Teaching: Generosity or Obedience

We don’t use Lifeteen resources at our school, except that we like their pretty thorough examination of conscience. As we have a penance service tomorrow, I was going over it with students, which lists neglect of the poor under the 7th commandment. “Mr. Murphy, what if I haven’t been generous with my money because my […]

How Does God Treat Men Who Destroy His Temple?

A single verse from the second reading this last Sunday caught my attention as a bloggable text. Here are the fruits of that investigation: If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for the temple of God, which you are, is holy. – Corinthians 3:17 In context, St. Paul was writing about the […]

Bishop Duca Blasts Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Apparently it’s big news today that the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has hit the shelves. My wife and I heard some talk about it on the radio and I remember thinking how disgusted the female radio host must have been to hear her male coworker talking about his experience with it. The big talk […]

Gay Marriage? Contraception? Kinda the Same Thing.

I was reading Matt Walsh’s piece on the unfortunate hypocrisy of pro-traditional-marriage divorcees when my memory kicked in and I realized that I still hadn’t written about a topic I’ve been meaning to write about for some time. Here it goes: Gay marriage and contraception are kinda the same thing. No, really. They are. I mean, they […]

Facebooks’s New App Uses Tech to Normalize Gay Marriage

Despite my pride in being unplugged and off-the-grid as much as possible, I’m a huge tech junkie. Just about any new technology fascinates me. So when I saw that Facebook was producing Paper, a new app that organizes your feed into “into sections to let you follow your favorite interests — just like a newspaper,” […]

Rolling Stone Dissed Pope Benedict? Why I’m Not Worried.

So apparently Rolling Stone did a cover on Pope Francis in which it felt the need to emphasize how “The Times They Are A Changin’,” a negative jab at Pope-Emeritus Benedict – and not the only one – which Vatican Spokesman Federico Lombardi has criticized as “superficial journalism.” Meh. Wanna hear what Rolling Stone had to […]

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