Bridget Green


The youngest of 16, Bridget Green is a Catholic, wife, and mother to six children. After being homeschooled through high school, she attended Seton Hall University where she earned a Bachelors degree in English and Religious Studies (with a concentration in the Christian Tradition) and minors in Latin and Catholic Studies. Currently, she and her family live in her hometown of Newark, NJ. When not busy with homeschooling her own growing brood and otherwise caring for her family, she writes about it all at her blog, Life at Le. Rheims.

Book Review: Voyage to Alpha Centauri

Believe it or not, before reading Voyage to Alpha Centauri, I had never actually read another thing by Michael D. O’Brien.  I know, I know. Where had I been hiding to not have been exposed to the veritable rock star of modern Catholic fiction over the past [almost] 20 years?  I mean, when I first heard […]

Finding God in the Dish Soap, Part Two

A while back I posted about the importance of recognizing one’s state in life and attempting to sanctify the mundane moments and tasks.  (You can read that here if you are so inclined.)  Recently, I had an a-ha moment regarding my own spirituality while I was, oddly enough, staring at a sink full of dirty […]

Appreciating Life: Musings on Conception and Miscarriage

There has been a great deal of talk on Truth and Charity lately about babies.  I attribute this to the long, very cold winter that most of us here in the US have experienced.  Think about it: long, cold nights, lots of snow making it hard to get out of the house…just do the math […]

I Can’t Write with Sick Kids

I’ll keep this post brief, out of necessity.  I really only have one thing to say this week: I can’t write with sick kids. As I sit here at my computer desk, I am barely paying attention to the words I’m typing because my mind is so consumed with the chorus of coughing that is […]

Choosing Hope

My husband and I found out recently that we are expecting again, and while we could not be happier, our happiness is tinged with fear.  The reason is, I think , understandable.  After five normal, even easy, pregnancies, and five healthy babies, we suffered the loss of our daughter at 20 weeks gestation.  We knew […]

Catholic Family Vacation Bucket List

When I was younger, I traveled a bit.  I went to Paris with Opus Dei in 1997 for World Youth Day and then to Rome, first in 2000 for World Youth Day again and then in 2001 as part of a course I was taking for my Minor in Catholic Studies.  Finally, I went to […]

When All You Can Say Is “Jesus”

Last week, Susanna Spencer wrote about being a cradle Catholic and how it truly effects every aspect of one’s life.  Her piece, “When Catholicism Is in Your Bones,” spoke to me, in part because I am one of those cradle Catholics who knows that you can spot a Catholic church just by looking for the Bingo […]

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