Andrew Sciba

Contributor, Editor-in-Chief

Andrew is honored to be husband to a truly humble and loving woman and father to their three sons. His Catholic faith led him to Benedictine College where his studies focused on Theology, Philosophy, and Psychology. Andrew is an avid fisherman and an experienced musician. Since 2008, Andrew has been a high school Theology teacher.

Job Search: Diocesan Director of Campus, Youth and Young Adult Ministries

The Diocese of Shreveport, LA has opened a search for a new Diocesan Director of Campus, Youth and Young Adult Ministries. See the job description here. Submit resumes to: Randy Tiller Catholic Center 3500 Fairfield Ave Shreveport, LA 71104 The Diocese of Shreveport Website Contact me (Andrew Sciba) at if you have any questions.

Are We Using Religious Education and Confirmation as a Stick and Carrot?

Growing up in a faithful Catholic family, I received the sacraments at the ages regulated within the Dallas diocese – the same ages more or less seen around the country. Naturally, my baptism occurred about a month into my life and I recall nothing – life changing graces received. I received my first communion sometime […]

Video: Crux Fidelis – Veneration of the Cross

Truth & Charity contributors Matt and Andrew Sciba sing in the St. John Berchmans Cathedral schola on Good Friday, 2012

What if Lazarus Said “No”?

In the world between Adam and Jesus, man’s relationship to sin was one of slavery.  The relationship was based not only in fear, but, as St. Paul , ultimately in death.  As I mentioned before, the Father offers us a spirit of adoption as Christ calls us out of our spirit of slavery and death […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

This past weekend, Katie and I left the kids with the grandparents and drove to Dallas for the Dave Ramsey Smart Conference. While the opportunity to spend even 24 hours away from the kiddos was rather freeing, the conference provided quite a bit food for thought. The day was filled with speakers from varied professions, […]

Standardized Tests and Academic Objectification

For millions of high school Juniors and Seniors, Tuesday morning was filled with efforts to woo colleges and universities through the achievement of one of the most heavily-weighted pieces of their academic portfolio. Yes, it was ACT day. Close your workbooks, follow directions or else your answer document will be eaten. As a high school […]

Sunday Gospel: Getting Out of the Mountaintop Mindset

The Gospel for this Sunday is from Matthew 17:1-9 and details the transfiguration of Jesus: Jesus took Peter, James, and John his brother, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. And he was transfigured before them; his face shone like the sun and his clothes became white as light. And behold, Moses and […]

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