Remembering the Quiet Heroes this Independence Day

Jul 01 Remembering the Quiet Heroes this Independence Day

Yesterday, the highest court in the land (second only to the basketball court that is on it’s roof) ruled that the government cannot force the people who own corporations to provide abortifacent drugs to their employees… …and then social media exploded. So here’s my thing. This week we’re also celebrating the 4th of July. This is a day we annually celebrate our independence...

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Good Friday morning read

Apr 18 Good Friday morning read

This is probably the third year in a row that I’ve recommended Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman’s Discourse 16. Mental Sufferings of Our Lord in His Passion as a must-read for Good Friday. The stations of the cross and the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary focus us on the physical sufferings of Jesus, and perhaps some emotional ones too as He underwent the humiliation of the...

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Ordinations in Dachau

Apr 11 Ordinations in Dachau

Our department’s administrative assistant knows that I’ve traveled to Germany in the past as faculty advisor for our study abroad trip to Luneburg. While there, we visit the Neuengamme concentration camp. A few days ago he gave me a booklet he purchased at Dachau (this is about as close a link as I can get). Aside from the horrific stories about the camp itself, there were occasional...

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Both Masses of the Roman Rite are Tradition

Mar 13 Both Masses of the Roman Rite are Tradition

As is usual in articles about the liturgy, there was division in the comments on my articles about devotion to the old Mass and about participation in the Mass from people who prefer the Extraordinary Form and from those who prefer the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite. This is my attempt to find a balance between the two sides, and be open to the whole of the Church’s traditions. The novel A...

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How to Actively Participate at Any Mass

Feb 27 How to Actively Participate at Any Mass

I am blessed to be in a parish that always has very reverent and beautiful liturgies, whether they are the Ordinary Form or the Extraordinary Form. We try to wake up for the early 7:30 am EF most Sunday’s, but this last week due to a late night for the kids we decided to “sleep in” and go to the 8:30 am OF. The one year old managed to last in the pew until the homily and then I was pacing...

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Devotion to the Latin Mass isn’t Fad or “Fashion”

Feb 20 Devotion to the Latin Mass isn’t Fad or “Fashion”

In an all too frequent perusal of my Facebook “Newsfeed”, I came across a link to a traditionally focused Catholic blog, Rorate Caeli. It contains a statement made by the pope to Archbishop Jan Graubner, of Olomouc. The original of the excerpt is in Czech, but was translated by a reader of Rorate Caeli called MC: [Abp. Jan Graubner speaks:] When we were discussing those who are fond of the...

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