Distinguishing Rationalization from the Right

Jul 22 Distinguishing Rationalization from the Right

It’s incredible to me the number of times I’ll be talking to a friend and they’ll admit to doing something wrong and then spend the next ten minutes expounding upon why it was ultimately a good thing that they chose the wrong action instead of pursuing righteousness. Friends who are guilty of sexual immorality, cheating, lying, and other sins will admit these sins to me and then talk about...

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What Laura Ingalls Wilder Thought About Freedom

Jul 17 What Laura Ingalls Wilder Thought About Freedom

My family recently came home from a 17 day, 2,600 mile road trip to visit relatives. To pass the time on the road, we listened to a couple of audiobooks by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We have been going through all her books on our road trips for about a year now. We sympathized with the Ingalls family in The Long Winter, remembering the harsh winter we just had, and shared their joy in the happier...

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America’s Other Border Crisis

Jul 16 America’s Other Border Crisis

While millions of Americans share their concerns about our southern border and the rapid influx of illegal immigrants, Catholics have been sharing their views more than most I’ve seen, with a sharply divided approach between our theological need to care for the less fortunate – in this case the orphan and the foreigner – and a genuine concern for the safety of our social and...

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The Newest Way to Use Women’s Bodies

Jul 08 The Newest Way to Use Women’s Bodies

For centuries, a small minority of men have used women’s bodies for their own physical pleasure. Through a multitude of sexual sin, such as rape and prostitution, wicked men used and continue to use women as physical objects with complete disregard for their personhood along with their emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. There was a general consensus among people of most cultural and...

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Catholic Families, NFP, and the Upcoming Synod

Jul 03 Catholic Families, NFP, and the Upcoming Synod

Patheos is hosting a symposium on the upcoming Synod on the Family and blogger Calah Alexander has some frank, honest points about the Church’s teaching on procreative generosity in practice. It’s worth reading. Calah observes: Even so, what rankles the most is never the lack of material help. I don’t expect the Church to pick up the bill for all the kids she says I should welcome....

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Join Us in a Novena for Your Marriage

Jun 26 Join Us in a Novena for Your Marriage

I have been writing a lot recently about holy families and holy marriages, taking much of my inspiration from the example of Blessed Louis and Zélie Martin, who were the parents of St. Thérèse of Lisieux.  As I wrote these articles and after I published them, I realized that most marriages do not have an ideal situation for becoming holy. It takes the desire and devotion of both spouses to...

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