When All You Can Say Is “Jesus”

Apr 16 When All You Can Say Is “Jesus”

Last week, Susanna Spencer wrote about being a cradle Catholic and how it truly effects every aspect of one’s life.  Her piece, “When Catholicism Is in Your Bones,” spoke to me, in part because I am one of those cradle Catholics who knows that you can spot a Catholic church just by looking for the Bingo sign.  I’m culturally catholic, to be sure, but it’s more...

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Ordinations in Dachau

Apr 11 Ordinations in Dachau

Our department’s administrative assistant knows that I’ve traveled to Germany in the past as faculty advisor for our study abroad trip to Luneburg. While there, we visit the Neuengamme concentration camp. A few days ago he gave me a booklet he purchased at Dachau (this is about as close a link as I can get). Aside from the horrific stories about the camp itself, there were occasional...

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When Catholicism is in Your Bones

Apr 10 When Catholicism is in Your Bones

Since we moved to Minnesota, my family and I have been meeting a lot of converts, many of them my husband’s colleague at the Catholic university where he is a professor. It seems that more of them than not are converts. The other day a distinguished colleague asked my husband, “You are a cradle Catholic, aren’t you?” After my husband assured him that he was, his friend said decidedly,...

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The Dignity of Dying

Apr 09 The Dignity of Dying

Within the last month we’ve marked the anniversaries of two important deaths that, while linked inextricably because of when they occurred, could not have been more different. On March 31, 2005, Terri Schiavo succumbed to death, followed shortly by Blessed John Paul II on  April 2.  While she died of severe dehydration, being denied even the most basic care of food and water by her...

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Should We Be Judged By Our Suffering?

Apr 08 Should We Be Judged By Our Suffering?

Last Thursday, I had to have back surgery. I had to be at the hospital at 6 am and just as we all hopped in the car at 6, I turned the ignition and the car wouldn’t start. We had a dead battery. Great. So, since the hospital is only six or so blocks away, I walked (in 7 degree weather) to the hospital.  Once the surgery was over, we scrambled to find someone to watch Peter, so John could...

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What if Lazarus Said “No”?

Apr 07 What if Lazarus Said “No”?

In the world between Adam and Jesus, man’s relationship to sin was one of slavery.  The relationship was based not only in fear, but, as St. Paul tells usFor the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23, ultimately in death.  As I mentioned before, the Father offers us a spirit of adoption as Christ calls us out of our spirit of...

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