Moments of Grace in Teaching: Generosity or Obedience

We don’t use Lifeteen resources at our school, except that we like their pretty thorough examination of conscience. As we have a penance service tomorrow, I was going over it with students, which lists neglect of the poor under the 7th commandment. “Mr. Murphy, what if I haven’t been generous with my money because my parents tell me I’m supposed to spend my allowance on...

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Little pro-life victories

Mar 28 Little pro-life victories

About a year ago, I was prompted to write this post when I discovered a little bit of anti-child internet technology that catered to the opinion that kids are ridiculously expensive buzzkills. There is much reason for hope, though. Aside from the statistical data, there is lots of anecdotal evidence that people love kids, and that parents have a blast with them (or at least appreciate the odd...

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A Confession about Confession (A Book Review)

Mar 26 A Confession about Confession (A Book Review)

I have a confession to make.  It’s something I’ve learned about myself over the last couple of years of having children who have reached the age of reason: I’m terrible at going to Confession.  Over that last two years, I have managed to prepare two of my children to receive their first Penance and First Holy Communion. I have made sure that they have attended Mass every...

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The Feast of The Annunciation: Mama Mary Loves Us!

Mar 25 The Feast of The Annunciation: Mama Mary Loves Us!

Today is the Feast of The Annunciation of Our Lord.  It holds particular significance for me because it is the anniversary of the day my wife learned that we would be parents for the first time. My wife Mikki and I married in September 2005, just four short months after graduating from college.  We tried to for three years to get pregnant, and were diagnosed in Summer 2009 with “unexplained...

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Lent with Littles

Feb 26 Lent with Littles

It’s almost that time again.  That’s right folks: Lent will be here in exactly one week.  If you’re at all like me, and by that I mean a fairly busy mom to a decent size family, who homeschools and basically has no time to herself, you may not be prepared for it.  How does one make Lent meaningful to children who are barely old enough to understand what a sacrifice is or why...

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Bishop Duca Blasts Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Feb 19 Bishop Duca Blasts Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Apparently it’s big news today that the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has hit the shelves. My wife and I heard some talk about it on the radio and I remember thinking how disgusted the female radio host must have been to hear her male coworker talking about his experience with it. The big talk around town is about the local woman featured in this year’s edition....

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