Cartoon: The World’s Reaction to Pope Francis

Cartoon: The World’s Reaction to Pope Francis

By Jason Bach – click to view full size


  1. This is a fine cartoon about our Holy Papa.

  2. What no sly dig at the trendy “I hope that that traditional white cassock is polyester” Novus Ordo (but not “and with thy spirit” post-2010 nonsense) and “Francis is really and clearly one of us” crowd? Odd! So everyone else gets a chisel carving except those Catholic centrists who really believe that they’re the Church and everyone else is, well, everyone else. P.S. what would people do if “rad” didn’t rhyme with “trad”. Guess we thank the Holy Ghost for the poetry, hey?

    *cue some dead edgy – “hey, get a humour” ripostes*

    • I can’t speak for Jason Bach, our very talented cartoonist, but most of our bloggers are lovers of the TLM. Nevertheless, I bet we all find the Rad Trad lampoon hilarious!

      I don’t think any of us can help that rad trads make themselves such easy targets for comedic purposes.

      • Well, I’m not so sure. Because the way the priest is holding that thurible is pretty lax (and should he have his biretta on at that point, too?)…and by the looks of it there are far too many leafy type things on that gradine behind him…

          • *face-palms*

  3. This is one of the most creative expressions of the multiple reactions to our dear Pope Francis that I have seen! The only reaction not represented here is that of the Blessed Trinity/La Santísima Trinidad, which I believe would be “¡Viva Papa Francisco!”

  4. Glad I viewed the Argentinians’ strip last…it was hilarious!

    Habeus Papam!


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