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    They incested, er, insisted there is no slippery slope.

    Sep 26 They incested, er, insisted there is no slippery slope.

    Supporters of traditional marriage occasionally suggest that, once the green light is/was given for same-sex marriage on the principle that marriage is for two consenting adults who love each other, then there is no reason why other types of relationships should be excluded or shunned. Polite, progressive society mocks these Chickens Little as posing a reductio ad absurdem that soon we will...

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    Watch these before quoting me a social encyclical

    Jun 06 Watch these before quoting me a social encyclical

    I’ve been largely absent from blogging the past few weeks (you’re welcome!) due to work. Weren’t all-nighters supposed to end in grad school? Anyway, I stumbled across a series of four videos that would make excellent primers for anyone interested in economic or political issues, including folks of a religious inclination who wish to bring Christian social thought to bear on...

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    Conservatives and the Culture of Death

    May 02 Conservatives and the Culture of Death

    Some of my best friends are conservatives. Okay, since I’d probably consider myself a Catholic classical liberal, I line up with conservatives far more often than progressives. At one point I considered myself conservative without having to add qualifiers. My transition away from the label was slow and had many causes: Sean Hannity dressing down Fr. Thomas Euteneuer in an attempt to be...

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    Good Friday morning read

    Apr 18 Good Friday morning read

    This is probably the third year in a row that I’ve recommended Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman’s Discourse 16. Mental Sufferings of Our Lord in His Passion as a must-read for Good Friday. The stations of the cross and the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary focus us on the physical sufferings of Jesus, and perhaps some emotional ones too as He underwent the humiliation of the...

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    Ordinations in Dachau

    Apr 11 Ordinations in Dachau

    Our department’s administrative assistant knows that I’ve traveled to Germany in the past as faculty advisor for our study abroad trip to Luneburg. While there, we visit the Neuengamme concentration camp. A few days ago he gave me a booklet he purchased at Dachau (this is about as close a link as I can get). Aside from the horrific stories about the camp itself, there were occasional...

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